Running a business from home

When we were in UK we were not allowed to run any business from home. We are now retired in SW France and my daughter and her husband have joined us and they want to become auto entrepeneurs based in our house. How will this affect my property taxes, phone or insurance, or even utiity bills?

Thanks Brian, we have internet/phone with Neuf Telecom which for 36 euros monthly includes unlimited internet, line charge and all phone calls including europe. We were just concerned that we would need to ask permission for 'change of use' as I did in UK. even though the use at home will be purely clerical.

Cheers Colin

Firstly, get them to register as AEs very quickly in case Hollande's lot decide to stop it. It seems that whoever is in the system before a possible 'abolition' of the AE status will be allowed to stay that. Apart from the amount of extra usage,utility bills, insurances and so on should not go up but with phone try to get a package with internet connection, a normal landline and internet phone. The latter often comes with 'free' calls to a certain number of countries and all of France. It actually saves money if long calls are necessary as we find. Initially the taxes won't change but eventually after three years (which is the period give for them to get established) they will go up abruptly and a lot, although if they have a good income by then should be none too bad.

The bureacracy with URSSAF, RSI/RAM and so on is gruelling for some people as Sheila Walsh-Blackmore's 'Help,...' post should show you, but if they go for it as we did then they may be lucky. Hope they both have operational level French, I certainly expanded my vocabulary quite a lot including new vulgarities which one needs to utter occasionally.