Running Shoes and Records

I’d love the opportunity to try some of these fabulous running shoes… does anyone pay these prices though… apart from high-grade athletes ??..

I have never at any time of my life worn trainers. I find them absolutely loathsome to look at, and consider them effete and unhealthy, not to mention the stink.

The prices extorted by the corporations that manufacture these monstrosities are enblematic of the corrupt and corrupting bandit capitalism that is beginning to show signs of its own collapse.

It’s only a matter of time until there will be a run on fiddles so everyone can join the lunatic orchestra to play out the terminal firestorm that carbonises us all.

Can’t wait to run barefoot across the red hot lake of bubbling latex that once was Nike :athletic_shoe: ! :hugs::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::upside_down_face:

In my youth… my running shoes had spikes … I would love to try these modern running shoes as they sound so comfortable that I might even try running in them. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Those were the days, Stella! The only sporting activity I had any enthusiasm for at school was cross-country running. We ran in pumps. Remember those flimsy things? But you made close contact with the terrain, boulders, branches, thorns, mud up to your knees…

I reckon about 0.00005% of Nike wearers ever take their preciously expensive feet off the coffee table in the TV lounge :joy:

Ha ha… first barefoot on the beach, them plimsolls were my first running shoes at school events, then at senior school I inherited my spikes from my elder brother… :wink:

Barefoot on the beach :+1:
Proper running :-1:

But Peter surely plimsolls are more your thing! Nowadays retro chic!

Very nice of you to day so, Mat. But I’m at the stage when it takes five minutes to get my socks on, and ten to recover from doing so. Not so chic but grossly retro :laughing:

I’m into scanning the publicité for nifty aids to dignified living for wrinkled old prunes. Who’d have thunk it? :thinking::hugs:

Yes, I read this on the BBC website and thought I might buy a pair but it seems that, bizarrely, they don’t do brogues. :mans_shoe:

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It’s disconcerting, to say the least. I hoped there would be a version that paid tribute to the Peruvian knitted-yoghurt sandals of kinder, gentler times, man. It just isn’t fair, man. Anyway, Love and Peace, brother, sister.