Russell Brand

Anyone following the debacle?

Nope. Never warmed to his humour, so couldn’t care less about him. If it’s true then feel sorry for the victims.


Not really. There’s always been something about Brand that made me uneasy - made me feel like he was out of control, and would just use others. It comes as no surprise that there are revelations of misconduct, but I also feel unhappy that they seem to have come via the media rather than the police.

The whole affair looks sordid and disturbing.



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I hated his accent, his voice, his appearance from the moment I first saw him but when he played that awful trick on and old man about his granddaughter, I resolved not to read anything about him again. But I can’t stop the telly in my face quick enough, so know what is alleged and know that my inner feelings were right all along.


There was a clip played yesterday morning on R4 of a live on air phone conversation between him and Savile, where Brand was suggesting sending his younger (fictitious) sister over naked to give Savile a massage.

I’m not overly squeamish about the things that happened 50 years ago because expected standards were different, but this was from the early 2000s when things HAD changed.


Oh yes!

Nope, not the slightest interest in him or his shenanigins. Feel sorry if there are victims though.

Never liked him, it’s all no surprise.

A disgruntled whatever bleating to the press, a bit like the Schofield scenario. First the press then maybe the rozzers. Only the rozzers are now getting involved it seems.

Do you firm evidence for that statement? Otherwise it just shows your biais.


Never liked him, unfunny and not interested in anything that happens to him. Have not really read the ins and outs, but if true, why have only now his victims come forward? Rape is one thing but two people getting together consensually is another. There is too much of this in the news nowadays and its all gone quiet on the randy Andy story as well.

A really quite distasteful comment.


Not really - the statistics for victims of rape are terrible - and still a lot of cynicism and victim blaming by the police. A tiny fraction get to court and a small fraction of those result in a conviction.

It’s not surprising women don’t go to the police.


No, I think he’s a shitty bollox who has been protected because he was “talent” and who has been using NDAs and intimidation to keep under the RADAR. It’s interesting that once the secret was out his whole shebang collapsed in days.

SLAPs (Strategic Lawsuits against Public Participation) also need to be eradicated.

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Talent? What talent. My washing machine has more talent.


As I’ve said elsewhere, I’m amazed he has been successful. Like Savile, right from the word go, I’ve just thought he was an astonishingly creepy individual. What on earth do other people (and people who should know better) see in him?

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I put it in quotes, “talent” = $$$$$ and viewer numbers and eyeballs.

Exactly that. He plainly has a draw for some.

Though sometimes controversy serves as a substitute for talent.

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