Russell Brand

Indeed, or for a political strategy or vision.

Someone whose autobiography’ (published when barely out of his twenties) is called My Bookie Wook, deserves having the book thrown at him, regardless of his other misdeeds…


I hope the next one to be picked up is his Jonathan Ross friend - equally childish and creepy…


fully agree with the politically correct designation I would use other terms to describe this " despicable thing"

Yep they sure do.

I wasnt or didnt mean the victims.

Not a fan either and Brand has been having quite a dig at governments, health, etc so I would not be surprised if he was being set up. I prefer to wait for the police investigation rather than guilty by media.

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No bias, I detest the sight of the creep. Opinion or suggestion. No reference was intended towards any victims.

This was the meaning or insinuation I made . He annoyed the wrong people.

Not a chance, anyone who has been treated for a ‘sex addiction’, admitted to ‘shagging anything with a pulse for years’ and described fame as ‘a Wonka ticket to a sex factory’ is bound to have gone too far at some point. Add the fact that many in the entertainment industry had ignored concerns about his behaviour and it’s pretty clear that his interpretation of what is consensual differs from everyone else’s.


My witch of a DIL used to be his PA, she had to sign numerous NDAs

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I think the conspiracy theory corner is over there :arrow_right:


So who was “A disgruntled whatever bleating to the press” meant to be?


In that case apologies.

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Wouldn’t normally comment on something like this, but here goes my 2p. I think @rocams statement, although ill advised and could definitely be interpreted as insensitive, it was an allegation. Similarly, the statements made to the press by various alleged victims are at the moment allegations. The police are getting involved which is exactly the right thing, and if he has done anything wrong, then the allegations will end up as charges and he will go to trial. Then, if he’s found guilty, he should be nailed to the wall for it and banged up. I really detest trial by media, social or otherwise as it always seems to turn into pitchforks and torches at dawn. This is why I wouldn’t normally comment.


JohnH, I dont think there much too conspire about with this character. He annoyed the wrong people was too transparent about his “social activities” in his willy wonka autobiography. The media have more or less found him guilty of something distasteful. I personally prefer to wait out and see what happens.

Unless renewed, I have read somewhere that they are only legally valid for a period of 5 years, could be wrong.

That is what’s troubling me, too.

A pattern has developed where someone in the public eye is chosen and allegations are made, apparently in the hope that people will come forward and make allegations which can be pursued in court.

(I do not like what little I have seen of Russell Brand and his sense of humour. But he’s a product of an age where anything goes and sex sells, and the results of that create moral conundrums in which no-one’s a winner.)

As CJ would say, I didn’t get to where I am today without bring able to spot a bad 'un :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t disagree with that in general but there are some cases and this is one of them where it’s more than just about what an individual has allegedly done. Several broadcasters have questions to answer here as to why no one looked into the various rumours about Brand’s behaviour at the time, it’s all very well saying ‘things were different then’ but some of the allegations only go back a few years rather than decades.

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This was probably 11/12 years ago. She left due to his "demands " (not of her😉)