Ryanair cuts Scottish Flights 2024

I refer the honourable gentleman to the post by George1 immediately preceding his. :smiley:

A transport subsidy can provide indirect benefits to a region that outweigh the cost of the subsidy.

Also, I don’t think we were objecting to profits per se; just noting the fickleness of businesses who often operate a very short-term view, and (in my case) querying why another operator on a similar route can provide a noticeably cheaper service (I wasn’t aware that the Newhaven-Dieppe ferry was subsidised).

Ha, I’m reminded - during pandemic times 2021 Madame went to the UK to see family with Ryanair. Her ticket was about 11€. There were more flight attendants than passengers.

Ryanair didn’t make a lot of money on that flight!

I visited Germany on business in about 1990 and found myself literally the only passenger on a 737.

They don’t need much runway with that little weight.

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On a personal basis I believe he’s quite a nice guy :face_with_hand_over_mouth:. When we were sixteen I used to knock around with the guy who became his chief pilot (I had a Yamaha 125 which his Kawasaki 100 could inexplicably beat :roll_eyes:). I haven’t seen him in years but we have a close mutual friend who still rides bikes with him and he says O’Leary’s a decent skin, but he is a hard headed businessman.

Also I’m impressed he hasn’t buggered off to Monaco or even Malta, where you can live “virtually”, to be tax resident :roll_eyes:. He pays his taxes in Ireland, which is a tax haven for MNCs but hammers individuals. And since he stopped encouraging his staff to act like they were trained by the Stasi, the flights are quite pleasant, once you avoid the in-flight catering. And… he brought low cost flying to Europe. Whether one thinks that’s a good thing or not is another matter. :thinking:

And look at his results. Oh for a bunch of shares…

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Probably too scared it was going to fall out of the sky.,… (I know that was the max) :yum:

DFDS does receive subsidy from Dieppe, Chamber of Commerce I think they said a while back though. Continuing or not, comes up for review every few years, I"d guess about every 5?

I also believe it’s freight that basically funds the route.

We always travel on them to give support, they are nice people and not a P&O.


You don’t have to worry about the 737MAX falling out of the sky any more Griffin36 because they’ve renamed it.

I see the subsidy as an income to the provider so win win for them and the region.

Yes, but P&O made quite a lot of money by sacking nearly 800 seafarers illegally, with no notice or consultation. This was conveniently ignored by the government who merely tutted. P&O then proceeded to hire almost the same number of people through agencies, some of whom had little or no actual experience at sea, just a short course provided by P&O. And on top of that, they seem to be paying some less than minimum wage. Quite a good earner if you have some friends in government who can be relied upon to create bluster, but do bugger all about it.


They are not alone in that scam. Irish Ferries dumped UK and Irish seafaring staff quite a few years ago and hired in some eastern european country I can’t remember at much lower wages and poorer T&Cs. The ships are flagged in. Cyprus to avoid labour laws I think.

I have heard that Ryanair are using their usual blackmail - give us more dosh €1m so we can open a new route or we’ll pull the plug and that’s what happened.
They did this in 2014 as well when they wanted to open the Barcelona route, though they are also saying it might be because a delay In getting new aircraft for their fleet.

But who are they trying to blackmail for the €1 million?It looks like it is Edinburgh airport who are the target of this latest cancellation of flights.Anyway,i wish the Chamber of Commerce at Caen or Cherbourg would subsidise a new company to operate from either of these ports.

They have probably cut 50% of Poitiers airport business and it was aimed at them the last time.

It happened with Nantes to Malta as well. Ryanair cut the routes for the winter season. It means we have to go through Marseille which is quiet a long way from Brittany.

Have you looked at Bordeaux Malta? No sure if it is year round or not but much closer than Marseille!

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Yes EasyJet have regular flights and piss Volotea and or Vueling as well, certainly a bunch of my colleagues went off on a language course and flew from Bordeaux.

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Our school has done Malta for the last few years for Erasmus and used the easy jet flights.

I’m not feeling very charitable to Mr O’Leary tonight f***wit, my wife has had to go to Scotland for the funeral of one of her best friends and would usually fly from Poitiers, so has had to fly from CDG in Paris today instead.
Le mans to Paris montparnasse train station which was delayed due to signal failure, then she got the subway to train station and on to CDG, waited on the direct flight to Glasgow meant to fly at 18.10, flight delayed.
They then got loaded onto the plane, waited 20 min and we’re then told to get off due to a problem with the plane which they are trying to fix or will have to get another plane.
This means the car rental is closed and due to not knowing when they are leaving has had to book into a hotel in Glasgow so she can pick up the rental car in the morning :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Just venting as she has MS and walks with sticks, I couldn’t take her up as my FIL isn’t well and I had to look after him today, rant over :face_with_peeking_eye::frowning::wink:


I think you are entitled to rant…

Hope her return journey is less fraught… :crossed_fingers:

Bloody nightmare.