Ryanair finally publish cancellation list

Ryanair’s website now shows all cancellations up to 28th October. I’m fortunate that my flights have not been cancelled. Phew! Here’s a link for anyone interested.



Afraid its not complete - mine was cancelled last night but not on the list, so I would advise if you have a flight booked to have a contingency plan

James where were you flying from and to?

Hi Barbara
I was flying from Carcasonne to Glasgow. Ryanair have refunded me the airfare but will not recognise the flight number on their compensation form; others are having the same problem judging by the blogs. I am now using the services of ‘flightdelayed.co.uk’ to stand a better chance of getting some recompense!

It is of course not just about getting a refund it is about having your plans
For Ryanair it will be about customers trying to find alternative routes.
We are to fly to UK and then on to Shannon in Ireland next April but due to
the uncertainty factor in the 4 flight arrangement we need to find another