Ryanair (non)refunds

Is anyone else having a problem with Ryanair refund for cancelled flights (corvid reason)?
My wife and sister had their flight cancelled in May, and as advised sent in a claim for the refund. Apart from the fact that the refund apparently was only for some €390 of the €500 paid out, they are still waiting and trying to contact Ryanair through their spurious Customer Service online systems is next to impossible (Robobots or declared ‘trainees’).
Now they have published so-called ‘details’ that all backlog payments up to and including June have now been settled, which is patently not the case.
we have tried both French and HQ sites to no avail.
Anyone else having this problem?

I think you are wasting your time. I requested a chargeback from my credit card provider (less than £100) a fortnight ago. I am about to do the same to recover my fares from SNCF.

I hadn’t thought about that option, but i think we might be a bit late.? Still worth a try, although I hate the thought of being ripped off by Ryanair.

I think you should. There was an online form provided by my bank. I think it’s by far your best option for squeezing money out of that operation. I thought SNCF would be better. Everytime i phone them I’m told i should wait just a few more days. The insurer for GDF is just as bad. Booking.com have been very good

In a similar dispute in relation to cancelled Brittany Ferries services I found that invoking the Online Dispute Resolution service seemed to do the trick.
Good luck.

Thanks for these - I have passed them over to my French Language Department :hugs:for action!

The refunds are starting to flow Norman. Ryanair had in the region of 20 million journeys to refund and the CEO has committed to 90% of of the people who have requested cash having it by the end of July. My wife and I were booked on a cancelled flight and I requested a refund in early April forgetting that she had a different booking number. When Ryanair offered me a voucher (which I don’t want ) in mid May I realised and requested a refund for her as well. A couple of days ago I got an email from Ryanair with a “take the cash” option which I clicked on. I’m sure I’ll get one for my wife over then next few weeks.

Patience is a virtue obviously. Because of the vjrus thing and the compulsory nature of the cancellations, we too allowed a lot of slack, so maybe just a bit more patience?

I’ll keep you posted Norman.