Ryanair travel insurance

Has anyone on here ever used it? It says “low cost” and “here’s some more information” but doesn’t say how much it costs and for what duration.
Any information/reviews gratefully received!

If you create a fictitious trip and then click the insurance option you will get a price dependant on various criteria.

I always thought that short term travel insurance such as that provided by carriers was always more expensive and less beneficial than longer term travel insurance.

Hello Valerie

I travel very infrequently and when I do it’s usually between Carcassonne and Stansted. The last time I flew with Ryanair was in October and my trip was for 5 days. It was just me and I had only hand luggage and the cost was about 16€. I’ve bought this insurance a few times and it’s never been more than 20€. It’s easy to add to the cost of the flight and they do not ask any additional questions. You will have to check their site to see what it covers.

I’ve never had to make a claim though so can’t advise on that.