S1 and doctor payment refunds

Question we have been on our S1,s for a while and obviously i understand that the UK pick up some of the health cost and the mutual picks up part as well. When a visit to the doctor has happened we get money from the mutual but nothing else. Not sure if this is normal. Any one got an answer.

Your question is not really clear but as for the S1, that is a transparent arrangement between CPAM and the NHS and is not influenced in any way or affects the patient. You don’t see the funding at all.
Have you registered your MT with CPAM and on your AMELI account is your MT shown as declared as such in your Mes informations? Also on the AMELI account is your mutuelle shown as activée - tranmission automatique des paiements?
At your visits, do you get a brown form from the MT and what are you doing with it?
Can i assume you have a Carte Vitale?
Do you pay the MT by cheque in respect of your visits

If you are fully in the French Health Service (whether you have an S1 or not is irrelevant) and registered with your MT then depending on how you doctor is set up in my experience either you

  • pay the full €25 and will be reimbursed €16.50 by CPAM and €7.50 by your mutuelle automatically

  • pay the full €25 and will be be given a brown feuille de soins that you have to send in to be reimbursed €16.50 by CPAM and €7.50 by your mutuelle

  • you pay nothing as all done automatically

If you pay then you should be reimbursed one way or another!

Registered with cpam, have mutual, been in the system for 12 years, my mutual is active on the system thats how i get some of the cash i pay to the doctor straight into my bankacvount

Yes that was my thoughts, but i get nothing back into my account from cpam.

is the money coming just from your mutuelle (ie how much is coming back will be a clue). Have you registered your bank details with CPAM and have you checked they are still correct?
Have you looked at your online AMELI account to check Mes paiements since all the money coming back to you will be recorded there as well as money which is paid directly to other agencies (such as the pharmacie - “paiement à un tiers”).
Sometimes the odd € or so is held back but eventually is accounted for within their system.

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7.50 from the mutual, yes checked on line and and bank, nothing, have send a message to AMALI, to get them to check, everything looks ok on line, including my bank account so a bit confused,

So am I! How much do you pay, and how do you pay it?

If you’ve not been getting reimbursements for 12 years that’s a bit serious!

Jane, we pay 25 euros, dont think its gone on that long only since we registered our S1. Not sure what you are saying in your first line. We pay cash and its all electronic from the doctors side, except this time when the machine was broken, and we dropped the brown form off at cpam, hence checked i got the cash back., and hey ho mutual money returned but nothing from cpam, hence the question.

When you go onto your Ameli account online and download an attestation de droits does is give the code gestion as 70?

I’m now wondering if something has got muddled with registering the S1. Other people have had stupid problems when registering an S1.

Jane yes it says 70,

Then that’s totally bizarre! Looks like a visit to CPAM is needed

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I assume that you have checked other accounts that you have, because mine was paid into my wifes account.


Flo, no other account the one on the website is correct.

Weirder and weirder…what does the payment page on Ameli say? As all your “medical acts” like doctors visits should be recorded there with who has paid for them.

Maybe you have a doppelgänger?

Jane yes ido have one here in France with the same finger prints would you believe , cause lots of scratching of heads at the prefecture some years ago when we first applied for our CDS, on the payment page it shows how much i would get from my mutual, but a zero in the other column, it must be a glitch caused by the S1

I agree with you and others that the most likely cause is a glitch in the S1 registration. Have you checked with DWP that they received the copy of your S1 from CPAM and registered it at that end? Just wondering if the loop got broken somehow. I know when my partner piggy-backed onto my S1 it took months for the loop to close…

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