S1 Form to apply for health cover

Hi I am new to this forum ,could anyone Elle me where I can obtain the form S1to apply for cartel vital ? Thanks

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Are you in receipt of a UK old age pension? If so you need to contact DWP Overseas Healthcare Team in the UK.

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Hi Dianne…

You can let google be your guide … or better still use the Search tool on this forum. Lots of info in the Health Care & Carte Vitale section.

This is another useful site:


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I asked a similar question on another similar forum, but you have to have reached official retirement age, which ruled me out as I have taken early retirement

You can still get health cover if you have taken early retirement-it just costs you a bit more . You have to pay your own cotisations.

Hi Sue, do you think you could give me a bit more information on this subject as I have also taken early retirement. Thanks

Helpful guide for early retirees


This is the form you have to submit. You should maintain health insurance until it has been agreed - which can be up to a year! Once agreed, if you are an “inactif” you will be billed annually by URSAFF for your cotisation.

Im a frontier worker and i have to obtain an S1 every year in january… its not just for retired.