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Happy soggy Monday everyone, I have a question. The OH has retired last month. We’ve been fully signed up members of France for exactly two years, including Carte Vitale, etc. Now our glorious UK government tells me I should submit the S1 which arrived on Friday to CPAM. It would seem that they are volunteering to cover health care. Do I have to do so? I mean, France is happy and I have received no notice from them that I need to change anything… Totally confused.

How do you pay for your health care at the moment? I can’t remember when you arrived but if you are inactive then it can take a year for the bill for healthcare to appear. (Edit…stupid - you said 2 years!!)

I would submit them ( you should have 2 copies) - making sure you take copies first! Your OH can also request one for you as his beneficiary.

Nothing changes for you, you keep same carte vitale etc but on your attestation the management code changes which shows that the UK pays France for your healthcare. All you have to do is update your CV via a ‘mise à jour’ in a borne in a pharmacy.

I tend to view this as you paid for this through years of paying NI, so why shouldn’t the UK pay?

The big advantage is that you save on your tax bill, as no longer pay for two of the three elements of social charges.

Excellent advice :+1:. Thank you again, you are a treasure trove of information. Yes, we sure paid our dues in the UK!

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You 100% ‘must’ hand the 2 copies of the S1 to CPAM as the letter says to do.

Note there is a front and a back side (I missed this the first time) and you should take multiple copies of both sides before you hand the originals to CPAM. Probably upload some copies electronically too. Over the years there will doubtless be occasions when a copy may need to be submitted for officialdom eg to Impôts to ensure you are not overtaxed as Jane says.

Any document you send to CPAM I’d advise to get signed-for delivery. (I made sure to hand mine in person 2nd time around as the 1st time, they’d lost documents I’d submitted).

Morning Karen,
Thank you for that. Will do :slightly_smiling_face:. I have dealt with CPAM, my CV only took 14 months. Data protection doesn’t apply in France methinks, I must have sent everything in around eight times…my stuff was filed under the OHs name…
Yes, I will deal with it next week. I will make an appointment, the people on the ground are all lovely, it’s the system that’s de facto defunct.
I will post an update.

My OH got her S1 in the post yesterday (I, of course, am far too young to get one yet😉). Its only taken 9 months to get it too, but too late to include in this years tax return. I will take a copy to the local office d’impots and pass the originals on to CPAM after taking numerous copies!
But before I do, got a couple of queries (not taken much notice before as its always seemed to be years away)

I understand that I have cover from the S1 too ( not that i need it and I wouldn’t get mine until the end of 2023) but do i have to do anything now/fill anything in? (Predominately to reduce social charges)

Change of address - its likely we will ge moving soon (different department/caisse/CPAM), do we need to apply for a new S1 when we do?

Thanks for any advice

Your partner has to apply for you to have cover as a beneficiary, and that will start once this is received and registered with CPAM. Phone the DWP overseas team and ask for it.

And the S1 is attached to your carte vitale so I doubt it is critical, so just tell the DWP of your address change.

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There is a period when you can amend tax returns….so you can open up your file and tick the boxes (8SH I think, but check!) and that way your social charges should reduce automatically. Otherwise yiu might have to reclaim the overpayment - and it can take years.

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I am still doing a dinosaur version :wink: - dont want the fisc to think I’m too computer literate. I’ll take a copy in and try to get it sorted