S1 process time

(Dave Jones) #21

I complained each time I went there - especially about the repeat requests for documents that had been considered acceptable by the local office. They expressed that these things do take time. Until I placed this query on Survive France I had no idea of the norm.

Dave Jones

(Jane Jones) #22

Glory be…we have just had a phone call from the international handling centre at Belfort with some queries about our S1’s. To cut a long story short they had essentially lost bits of the dossier. The women plaintively said “but Madame, I have 600 dossiers on my desk”. However after about half an hour of conversation she managed to work out where things were to resolve the queries, and has promised to register the S1’s immediately. So 5 months, about a dozen different duplicates of various things sent in and we may be getting close. Never give up…

(Dave Jones) #23

Good to know my situation is not unusual

(anon64861675) #24

Is there a French equivalent of “Nil carborundum illegitimis”? :rofl:

(Simon Armstrong) #25

Well - my gorgeous girl became entitled to S1 cover from the UK about 11 days ago - she’s a ‘cougar’ so I get S1 cover as well! :-:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: All processed with a replacement CV for me (as I’m now an Ayant Droit / Bénéficiaire) received this morning! Amazing service and no more social charges even though I am but a child - yeaaaaaah! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(Linda Pitchers) #26

How do you know if they want any more documents? Our S1s were submitted in Perigeux early February and have had no correspondence since. In the meantime what if we need treatment. Have kept a copy of the S1 and have EHIC cards. While I’m at it anyone recommend a doctor in Riberac preferably with some English as we should register. Sorry for all the questions!