Does anyone get that awful feeling when we change the clocks at the end of October? I know I do. I had never thought about it before but I really do not like the change at the end of the year. Apparently it's an illness. I'm not saying it makes me ill, but I really do feel a difference.

Anyone else?

Hi Stuart,

The Acer seems good enough to me. I have a suggestion. And I am picking up on your comments regarding 'Commercial' art Logos etc.. I don't know if you dabble in the graphic other than Photos, or have any Graphic apps installed. But I have been using INKSCAPE for some 12 months. Its a FREE open source, cross platform VECTOR application. The results are stunning, and it is really easy and fun to use.

You can download it anywhere on the web. There are plenty of YOUTUBE guides and a full online manual available. Even if its just for fun, the speed that it works at, makes doing a logo (or whatever ) very satisfying in less than half an hour.

If you do have time to take on another hobby, I would love to take you through the basics.

With regard to Cannabis ( my joke below ) humour was my intent, and I'm not recommending any drugs including alcohol to offset the effects of Seasonal or Clinical depression. I have Bi Polar myself, and need daily medication to keep my mood stable. Humour is one of my defences and total absorbtion in things like graphics keep me on the straight and narrow.

I do know people who take such drugs, for clinical proses those with MS, depression etc. but there are many institutions who lay the blame of Clinical depression at the door of such drugs. I posted the JOKE for the sake of humour, and if it is moderated away then so be it. On thing that can compound depression is over politica correctness. We should ALL lighten up


Hi Ronald. Just an Acer laptop but with a decent graphics card and an i3 processor.

joke warning joke warning alert humour only JOKE

I think the desk lights work really well, not as an aid, but they help you see what you are doing when your are filling your PIPE up with a wad of the finest skunk weed ...PLEASE this is a joke do not do this or moan, it is a joke, humour, please remove if offended its a JOKE!!!!

Hi Stuart, yes getting away from artificial light is key, I wish I could take that advice on myself.

The James ref was as much a an aide memoir (for me and he ) in that the new 'sub logo' features 'speech balloons' he was going to have a word. All will become clear. Out of interst what type of computer do you use?


I think the "take walks" advice is very good. I think I should take that on board. Didn't quite understand the @James bit? Sorry bit thick.

Hi Stuart,

yes indeed I know exactly what you mean, I do suffer myself, in fact I probably go from normally SAD to manically depressed, three cheers for DEPAKOTE. The additional 'daylight' in France, down here at least, the seemingly shorter Winters were the major pulls in my reasons to relocate. It clearly is a daylight related subject.

I suppose we should all be up at 6am scraping Moules, and in bed by nightfall! I have been advised to take walks, just to get outside, overcast, rain or not. Makes sense I guess. I have seen those 'daylight' desk lights, apparently half hour in front of one daily works wonders. ( Good for pics too? )

I must copy @james on your Balloon pics as I have an idea. I'd love to come to you for few hints on 'manual overrides' if may, if you could 'dumb down' low enough. Swop you for some INKSCAPE tips (easy logos)?


PS just read the other posts ref Daylight lamps...but I'll leave my comments in....I believe they are not UV but simulated Daylight as per the bulbs you can buy for indoor pack shots.

Hi Fiona

Funny thing is, I don't seem to be as affected this year, but it is extremely mild up here. Nathalie usually sorts us all out with our vitamins for the winter. I was basking in the sun this morning. 24°C this afternoon. We are going to suffer for it!!

my link is to the people I used - no problems just ordered at the wrong time as described earlier + the prices have come down even more since !

Stuart, they're not UV suntan lamps - just high intensity light to wake your brain and hormones up!

Hi guys. I didn't know they existed. I guess they're UV? @Andrew; I'm with you on the rain and fog.

Yes it exists Stuart and there was a very good programme on French TV last winter about it - I bought one of the lamps afterwards and delivery took months because demand had exploded as everyone realised that that was what they suffered every autumn! My OH told me to turn the lamp on today as it happens - first autumn rain on the way and it getting darker. It's very well documented, loads of studies done that confirm it, in fact every "suffers" from it but to differeing degrees from slight to very drastic effects - full on depression at times.

Mine is made worse by humidity/rain/fog etc. 2 winters ago wasn't good at all but as we had such a dry and bright 2010/2011 winter (in the south at least) I didn't need to use my newly purchased lamp but I already think it'll be getting a lot more use this winter !