Safety in Nice/Mougin


This is my first post. I’m married with three small children and I’m interested in moving to the Nice/Mougins area of France. In researching crime in this area, I keep seeing either posts or news articles about North Africans committing crimes. How serious is the problems? I’m not racist, so this isn’t coming from that perspective, but one of just wanting to raise children in a safe environment. I live in California and would hate to trade one crime infested place for another and defeating my purpose of raising my children in a safe place.

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There is the glamourus side to Mougin and Nice.

Lively, of course.

Hugely touristy.

VERY exspensive.

Go and spend some time there...NOT a week or a day but look

around for yourself.

See the people, feel the life style.

If not there are many less known areas...Explore them too.

Well said Frank, it depends on your viewpoint, what you're comparing the area with as I said earlier. It's an area that I adore but the crime figures speak to themselves when compared to other parts of France...!

I live in Nice and know the area well having lived here more then 25 years. Crime is not really a major issue in France in general, outside of certain neighborhoods, which you can easily avoid. I 'm not going to try to convince or propose other more buccolic or aesthetic places to live, if you want to come to this area, you must must have your reasons, the area is terrific, but does have a few drawbacks, like everywhere.

and here's the map I was looking for earlier which makes things even clearer by département ;-)

and this one speaks volumes too

Depends what you call "high" crime level, yes it's far higher in southern PACA and languedoc-roussillon than further in land but that depends on where you're coming from too. After the UK there are still far fewer break-ins but far more than here in the aveyron for example.

try this list for 2010

Nice is one of the worst on the list and the other towns in the south/coastal are high too - very well known and taken for granted fact amongst the french but not so well known amongst foreigners - (my OH even talks about the people being different, the values etc and it's true!)

As usual, excellent advice from Finn, and which applies to all of us. Thanks, Finn. As for Nice or Mougin, perhaps you have business reasons for wishing to move there.... As Lis said, why not move further away. Aix is indeed lovely, but why not look at moving to the South of France? Languedoc-Roussillon offers so much.

Why Nice/Mougin? Both Nice and Mougin are crammed pack with tourists! Have you ever thought moving 2Hs to the left on the map of Nice, you’ll find yourselves in beautiful Aix-en-Provence! If you haven’t been, you have not been to la belle Provence… university city full of culture, history and so much to do for adult and child… absolutely wonderful…and as already mentioned Nice Airport is only 2 hours on the away, Marseille Airport c 20min away…and you can get to Paris by the wonderful TGV (you can fly too)in c 2 1/2hs…I’m sure you will get many many suggestions…so good luck, and if you want to know more…let me know, or simply look up the Tourist Office in Aix…good luck… :slight_smile:

@heidi, I was just agreeing with Zoe, in a different way.

@Vivien please.what is that all about??????

I think, no matter where you move in the world, you are either one village away from heaven, or one village away from hell. Luckily, we landed in a great place, no thugs/gun/knive/sex/drug crimes, yet there are robberies...

my point.. nowhere is completely safe, you should really take a trip around any neighbourhood you would possibly live in, and if you feel intimidated walking round, ti's not for you.. if you feel safe.. settle in, and remember, it's up to YOU to make friends, build trust with neighbours (they will look out for you), and secure your home,and children.

So the crimes commited by others don't worry you?