Saint Gaudens

My son has an electronic cigarette shop in 17 Rue DU MOULAT
31800 SAINT GAUDENS. Do pop in if you are in the area, have not been able to get to see him since January.

If any of you are interested in vaping here’s one of the best shops I’ve found & use.

Have not used this one. In Saint Gaudens, you get advise and the best solution to move away from cigarettes. If you are there give it a try.

Doubt you’ll need to if your son has a vape shop. I use the site as they have a large range of liquids & vape gear (much more than any vape shop I’ve seen). They can advise in French or English either via internet chat or they’ll call you. Delivery to Paris or Burgundy usually takes 2-3 day.
I’ve been vaping for years now though still enjoy the odd cig sometimes. I make my e-liquid & coils.
I’ll pop in next time we’re down there visiting Mrs Wozza relatives.

Do that, there are 2 shops. 1 in the center and Rory’s one on the street I mentioned. He will be happy to meet you.