Salt water pool

I have a salt/ chlorine machine for my swimming pool, the electrulite cell has failed and the pool went green. I went to the local pool store where they gave me some hydrogen peroxide to clean the pool. It’s worked fine and hopefully the replacement cell arrives next week. My question to any experts out there is what do I need to do to get the pool functioning again correctly using the salt/ chlorine set up?

Oh dear, you have been pool shopped! The hydrogen peroxide burns out the chlorine and will hang around for a while. You can begin to introduce chlorine, I would suggest liquid chlorine (eau de Javel from a brico) rather than using your new cell to generate sufficient chlorine to gradually replace the peroxide remnants.
For the future, in a chlorine pool, salt or otherwise, use chlorine nothing else. Chlorine is great at killing algae, better than algaecide, better than peroxide, better than MPS.
Assume pool shops only know how to increase sales and you’ll have the future in your hands.


Thanks for the advice, what sort of quantities of liquid chlorine should I introduce for a 45,000 litre pool?

Brico shed eau de Javel is 9.6% active chlorine so call it 10%. Therefore to add 1ppm you add 450ml, 2ppm =900ml etc.
The most important chemical in your pool is the stabiliser, cyanuric acid (CYA) this stabiliser level determines the level of free chlorine you need to keep your pool healthy and not a test strip saying ok. CYA levels cannot accurately be tested with dip strips, you may well get a colour change but the accuracy can be well off.
Hope that helps