Samsung Smart TV with vertical grey shadow

I think I know the answer, but before I take it to the dechetterie, I thought I’d just check here.

The Samsung Smart TV in our gite has a vertical grey shadow that covers about a 1/4 of the screen. It’s there from the moment the TV is switched on (so not source/channel dependent).
Samsung’s website says this can happen with a weak signal, so plugged the TV straight into the back of the livebox - no difference.

Any thoughts / suggestions please?

Not thrilled because it’s only about 5 years old.

Unfortunately I think this is the likely route - particularly as you say it is there no matter what source is selected.

Failed backlight section, possibly repairable but unlikely to be worth it.


Generally, replacing the backlight on your Samsung TV will cost you between 100 - 200€ and it can be a reasonably easy DIY job.

IF you can get the parts

Which, sadly, is the usual stumbling block.

@SuePJ Do you know the exact model?

Not sure we’ve got the DIY skills. And if we ask a local repair shop? Double that?

I’ll go down after lunch and see if there is anything on the TV that tells me

Usually a label on the back.

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Thanks Billy.
Model UE49KU6400U
Type UE49KU6400

And thanks to @Dr-Le-Dolly and @Mat_Davies for your comments.

In fact, I’m going to wait for another day or two and see what happens. I’ve just checked the internet speed with our laptop and it’s way down at about 1/2 mbps even from the back of the livebox.

Unfortunately our cottage walls are straight down onto earth and we get rising damp in the walls when it has poured with rain as in the last few days -the surrounding fields have got standing water at the moment. This means that the telephone point gets damp in it, not to mention the wires under the floor. I’ll try again when things have dried out. Touch wood, so far we’ve never had a problem when our guests have been here.
I’ll report back in a few days.

Just a thought, have you tried a DVD direct via an HDMI port?

If your TV looks like this, definitely the backlight (well, edge LED strip).

If you fancy replacing the backlight yourself (and you don’t have too much to lose if the alternative is the déchetterie) you can probably buy the LED strips on eBay


Note that this was just the first hit - there will be other vendors.

Anyone that does “TV repair”, if they will take it on at all, is likely to be in the vicinity of 300€ which is why I was dubious as to the value of spending that sort of money on an old set.

Discussion on the issue here

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Thanks Billy, yes, that’s it. And fair point, we’ve nothing to lose.

Good point, haven’t done so, just focused on the internet. Will try that.

Agreed, that’s a big chunk towards a new one.

I am having some issues with my Samsung TV, sometimes the Samsung TV screen is turned black. I have no idea why this happens. Has anyone encountered such kind of issue before?

Have you tried turning it on?


I dont understand what you said. Can you explain me in detail?

I think @corona was attempting humour :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I assumed @TimmothyCarter was as well. :thinking:

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Possibly :rofl:

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A computer hardware helpline operative got the sack some years ago for something similar after a customer phoned in with a problem with his new PC.
The operative asked if the plug was in the wall and when the customer said “ah! no actually” he asked if the customer still had the box the PC came in to which the answer was “yes, of course”.
“In which case” continued the operative “re-box the PC and send it back to us - its obviously far too complicated for small minds like yours” :rofl:

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