Samsung TV turning itself on!

This seems to be the year for our technology breaking down!
Latest “quirk” - our Samsung SMART TV has taken to turning itself ON - unusual I know.

I have turned the TV off completely - unplugged it. Replaced the batteries in the remote. It seemed to work last night ok, but this morning it’s on again - all bright and perky. As it defaults to HMDI 1 which is connected to the Humax box and that’s switched off we just get the screen telling us to check our source. Not a tragedy, just irritating.

Any thoughts / suggestions please.

which model of Samsung Sue?
and how are you turning it off? from the button on the remote? Is it being commanded by something else (like a pet for example - has been known).
We have a Samsung smart TV and there are two remotes… one with more buttons than the other. The less buttoned one can be voice activated…

The Humax box switches itself on every night (4am?) to check for any updates. It is likely that because it switches itself on it may trigger the TV as well.

Maybe put the TV on to a different channel before you switch off, and see what happens.

good point… perhaps unplug the connection to the Humax box (?satellite feed) as a different test to that suggested by @crabtree24 to isolate the cause…

We’ve had TV and humax for years - never happened before. I’ll be back later with more info - supper calls. :slight_smile:
Thanks @graham and @crabtree24

You have Ghosts :flushed:


Turned off by button on remote (no voice or pet activation :slight_smile: ). Left in standby and normally turned on again by our using remote when we come to watch it in the evening.

I can be walking through the lounge any time of the day and find it’s switched itself on.

Good thought. I’ll try that. We’re using HDMI3 for laptop with Britbox and the laptop is off, so I’ll try that.

Update: first night I put it to HDMI3 which we use for our laptop and it came on at some point the following day.
Last night I put it to HDMI2 which is our channel for our DVD player - success! Has stayed off (so far).
I will put it back to HDMI1 tonight and see whether it comes on again tomorrow.
Thanks for the idea Crabtree.


Maybe unplug it at night to avoid this happening and save a bit of electricity too.
I only plug mine in when i watch it.
Izzy x

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I have a neat unit, given to me free many years ago by our then electricity supplier in the UK.
It’s a multi socket with one socket that stays live all the time (for a STB that may record), one socket that monitors power usage, and several other sockets that turn off if the power drawn from the second socket falls below some threshold. Then there is an IR receiver that can be programmed to receive the power button on your TV remote to turn everything on again.
It sounds complex, but it’s actually very simple. When you put tour TV into standby, 3 minutes later all sockets turn off except for the one connected to the STB. When you turn the TV on, everything comes on again.
You can probably buy them on Amazon (other online retailers are available).

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given the cost of electricity in UK, I can understand why :wink:

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It has! :roll_eyes:

by which I guess you are suggesting it’s the updating of the Humax box…
Is this reference any help?

The Humax box in standby turns itself on (and off/back into standby) overnight and is essential to keeping it up to date. It adds/removes new channels during what is known as the overnight housekeeping.
If you unplug it or turn it off completely then new channels will not be added, unless you do manual checks.

I’ve turned off the TV - not the Humax. Not only do I want the updates but sometimes I’m recording something like a series and if I switch it off I will forget. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Graham - not entirely sure what’s happening since I think the TV has turned itself on during the day sometimes. Anyway, just unplugging the TV and leaving the humax in stand-by seems like the simplest solution. It’s possible the TV is on its way out - I sincerely hope not since this has been a ghastly year for things breaking down and having to be replaced, :roll_eyes:

Just an update on this topic in case anyone has the same problem. Much to our surprise, the whole thing has been sorted by getting a new remote! :grin:

Thanks to those who contributed with your suggestions.


For the TV or for the Humax ?

For the TV :slight_smile: