Sanglier and deer meat

Having been fish eating veggi's for 35 years and very adventerous in our cooking , hubby and I decided to go back to meat eating here as long as it wasnt brought in a super market and have gradually reintroduced rabbit and chicken to our diet. Trouble is our neighbour is a hunter and keeps giving us chunks of meat which we in the past have given to friends or frozen ... I have cooked a few casseroles and stews and both have been very tasty , not being chunks of roast meat fans I looking for some other ideas of what to do with the meat . My freezer is full to bursting !! we like hot chilli garlic and strong flavours so....

Any Ideas folks ?

Many thanks

Thats a good Idea but it would never get eaten in this house as niether of us are fans ... we are given loads from other neighbours and it sits in the fridge until the dogs get it on toast as snacks !!!

Im afreaid we are fussy meat eaters , I was never keen since a child and hubby wont eat any thing thats not been caught wild , neither of us like processed foods.

We are a nightmare to cook for ... never invite us to dinner !!! ;0)

Why dont you join the hunters Brian ? Then you would have loads

I like the curry Idea as I make a mean chicken or prawn curry but never made one with red meat before will let you know how that goes ...

I'm green with envy! I had a game butcher I bought from in the east of England and here surrounded by hunters rarely get a scrap. Sanglier/wild boar is the most delicious casserole meat imaginable. If you have the herbs and spices in 'fresh' form for curry, then it also curries superbly.

Venison depends on the cuts. I would go with the burger idea, but get really fresh eggs from local chickens or a market at least. It also does nice casseroles.

I was just looking on amazon at some ... Its a way of using the meat in the summer as most dishes i have made so far have been winter dishes really to stodgy for this time of year.

I shall have to look and see what they have in carcassonne when im in town on Friday.

Do you have any recipes for burgers .... I have never eaten one before as shop ones look disgusting and this is the first year we have eaten meat for 35 years ... so its not some thing i have ever thought of before

We have a mincer which fits on the kitchen aid and use it all the time - highly recommended!

Thanks for the ideas

We have a 2 dogs and trust me they think its christmas when next door comes calling .... as he brings them loads of disgusting bits and pieces.

We are lucky with our neighbours they are very sweet and we have a good swapping of produce going on with fruit and veg from me and meat from him.

I have cooked some in red wine beef bourginon style that was nice probally the best so far and made a game pie with rabbit and pidgeon which hubby liked ...

I like the idea of burgers for the BBQ....Must buy a mincer

Mince it and make fabulous home made burgers?

Or just chilli / spag bol etc. etc.?

Hmmm…that is a tough one. That is kind of your neighbor to offer you some meat, in my opinion, stews and casseroles are the main type of recipes that you use these meats with. You could try using some pieces in soups or the slow cooker in the colder months? Or get a dog? Good luck! Mary