Sardines Wot's 'Appened

Wotts ‘appened t’ thum, second year, so far, they have been pathetic skinny specimens, not wurth puttin’ ont’ barbie. Very odd?
Climate change, dearth of plankton?
Crossing Biscay, been among them a couple of times, when a predator has been after them, the sea ‘boiling’ and glowing bright green with the rich plankton :slightly_smiling_face:

perhaps the best ones are being sold elsewhere… for a price… :relaxed:

We had gloriously fat ones in Portugal, but never look for them here… I shall make a point of checking out when next we are near the shops… :slight_smile:

I don’t eat tent pegs myself.

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We have La Turballe close by S’, a major sardine fishing port, but it’s not produced decent sardines for a while.
Yes the Portugese ones were great :yum:

Mmm… sounds like it is a local problem (at the very least)… oh dear… :thinking::neutral_face:

I think it is a, 'the sardines ‘ave nowt to eat prob’ Stella :thinking:

What is being reported in your local Press?? What do the fishermen say?? I’m relying on you Bill… go, find out… and report back… please…(it’s a nice day for a stroll by the sea) … :relaxed:

It’s BREXIT !!!

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:rofl: :+1:

Found some good ones today, full of oil, made a good barbie tonight, delicious :yum::yum::yum:

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