Sarko - La fin des haricots?

Hi Peter, one of the many things I love about living in France is that I’m now apolitical. I just don’t care anymore, I’m free. I’ve dual nationality, British and Irish (a London accent brought it’s own challenges in 1960s Dublin). I’ve spent a fair amount of time in both countries and elsewhere. For example when I lived in South Africa, after the ANC took over, a wonderful country with great people but it was obvious that corruption was the number one growth industry and I got all worked up about that. Later I lived in the Middle East running IBM’s M/E Services business and had the misfortune to travel often to Saudi, a horrible dictatorship supported by the US. I got worked up about that too. Now, retired, I just don’t care anymore what Cameron or his friends do (though Boris Johnson always gives me a laugh). I don’t care what the sneaky, sly halfwits running Ireland do and I certainly don’t give a fiddlers what the French do, it’s their business IMO. I’ll go with the flow or move on.

Having said all that, I’m enjoying the US primaries. IMO the US needs and deserves :slight_smile: Trump. We need to lance the US Boil.

As in UK, possibly other European countries, the electorate feels very alienated from the politicians. Whatever party my neighbours support, they are convinced it isn't listening to them. I was very surprised the other day to hear one friend express the view that the EU was finished whether Cameron's deal gets through or not, and others have said the French government is ruled via the EU by Germany (which still matters in a village which was occupied in WWII).

This opens the door for people who haven't a chance of winning but who express the views of the electorate. Shout them down as right- or left-wing or whatever you will, if the chap on the Lyon metro thinks they support him, that they are on his side, then he may vote for them. In the UK the voting system ensures minor and extreme parties won't get in, but in France?

Yes, I am glad we didn't move over here to work - I get the impression that the country is strangled with red tape. When it learns from the UK that outsourcing and sub-contracting the admin is a Good Thing, heaven help France.

Just expressing my great faith in politicians - all zero of it.

Do I detect just a hint of cynacism BM ?

Look we all know what will happen. Sarko will swing it, DSK will be given a full pardon, then the two of them will lead their respective rabble parties into a drawn election. So they will form a coalition, then anything will go - as long as you have the brass to afford anything.

She has a row of court appearances behind her and pending. Her niece has stolen her 'glamour', seems like a spent force to me.

The one advantage of Alain Juppe (apart from the evidence of what he has done in Bordeaux) is that he is not young and could state that he will only do one term. With no need to worry about re-election, perhaps he could actually do what is necessary.

Didn't they get the message from Le Pen so recently. Unless Sarko, Hollande and any possiblke establishment contenders (who, where?) make a change the population wants Le Pen might find the door even more open than her first round success last time.

Yep - you're probably right Peter but..... I think if boulangeries and tabacs closed for just one day - it would have a far greater impact than any political change in France has had over the past 50 years :-)

Edit: oooohhhh and maybe pharmacies and opticians as well!

I think attitudes toward politicians re slowly changing Simon. The electorate are less gullible than before so where a certain amount of 'corruption' etc was almost expected , the 'people' now are less willing to be conned. Of course that only makes the politicians even more sneaky to fine more devious means to be corrupt !

It doesn't help the image of the PS that the Ministre de Finance is more right wing than Sarko but hey, c'est la vie !!

little napoleon is like a bad penny (or the 10F coins that are still in circulation and end up in my till!!!) he just keeps turning up no matter how much we don't want him any more (or didn't in the first place!). The organisation of this country is soooo arse it's unbelievable. Just putting my cheques in the post for taxe d'apprentissage (don't have any), taxe formation pro continue (don't need any), taxe Paritarisme dialogue social (there's no parity or constructive dialogue any where in this country) and I can add that to all the other taxes and charges I have to pay, often for nothing or to keep the régimes spéciaux afloat whilst mine is sinking... rant over.

Juppé must be the best bet for the future but I'm not counting on it. I envy all those who have worked elsewhere and retired to France - all the benefits and non (or very little) of the hassle ;-)

Doesn't really matter who has the top job does it Peter? It'll be the same fonctionnaires churning out the same old crap. Nothing will change in France unless the general population undergo a psyche transplant! :-)