Sarko's new business 'boost' - what do you think?

If you haven't yet heard about these - here's the link

What do you think? Will they make any difference? Is this a political stratagem? Or a real effort to give businesses a boost?

Jim has just been looking on line and from several sources, including Le Monde, it appears that the UK is more industrialised than France!


If I remember correctly, 2 elections ago all the press were saying Lionel Jospin would win for the Socialists & it was the biggest shock when Jean Marie le Pen went through to the second round and not Mr we shall see. I turned Mr S OFF in disgust after finding him on virtually every channel when I was looking for the weather forecast!

or who makes others stand on a lower step for group photos!

Anything to hold on to power!

Can you trust a man who has lifts in his shoes?

Sarkosy and the UMP are more than capable of a late charge for the winning post. He's deliberately waiting as long as possible to come in hard and hope to maintain that while Hollande slowely loses ground but the biggest problem is people have had enough and even if Hollande is no better, and probably worse, they just want a change! Funnily enough my OH says she can't bring herself to vote for Hollande although she was big fan of Ségolène last time around and voted for her despite my pleas!!!

We had le petit napoléon on in the background, yes the whole 50 minutes of it but the kids were having their crazy hour before going to bed and we were getting stuff ready for school, nounou, work etc so missed most of what he said. The idea in itself isn't too bad if it works and still keeps french tva around middle of the road EU levels. As long as there is the tradeoff of more people being kept in employment and others being taken on then it'll be worth it but I think it's more of a daft stunt and he could be shooting himself in the foot just before he announces his candidature. In any case, it'll take long enough to go through that it'll be the next president (him or hollande) who will actually instigate it or not as the case may be. What got me were his continual references to germany as being the ideal role model and the answer to all of france's problems... das ist nicht so gut!!!

But I'm far more worried about the cost of having a socialist president, it'll cost us all a fortune :-O

Of course we will all be buying more now that the TVA has gone up to help France reduce it's budget defecit! Only in the case of SFN members it will be from the UK if we need anything.

He said that he needs the French people to understand that it is necessary to bring down the cost of emplyment in France to retain jobs. How, by brainwashing?

I have seen nothing to encourage small businesses AE's.

He also said that the UK has no industry, I know that it's industrial base has vastly diminished, but disappeared altogether, I don't think so.

Altogether, very disappointing and more to the point, not very effective.