Sarkozy - How long will French people except this!

The values that CP Scott set out for the Scott Trust the foundation that owns the Guardian. Liberal, in the social sense, and liberal in the 19th century economic sense, neither are particularly socialist though socialists and communists do write for it, so do Tories, Liberals and Greens.

Guardian largely to the left... I'd say more way to the left in UK terms, but almost centrist in French terms!

Yes very good article and we all know what he's been up to but still not a thing in Midi Libre or La Dépêche du Midi... well it always takes a day or two for things to filter down to the south! I'll watch with interest to see if they make much of it.

take a look at this one

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BTW: isn't the Guardian these days considered to be largely at the left wing of the political spectrum?

Backs up what i said earlier... it's the anglosaxon press having a go, despite clean up efforts, it's almost expected here and + there's too much else going on at the moment to give space to this story!

I am interested to know if anyone can point me to an entry concerning the original thread in the French press or Media !

Bayrou/borloo partnership could be interesting but I think Bayrou wants all the glory - he could have done something with Ségolène last time round but didn't.

Yes Sarko is miles away in the poles but 6 months is a long time in polotics...!

Last interview I heard was that Bayrou was still courting Borloo, but could have got that wrong. On the sleeze side I do think some of it is sticking and the Fench are getting less and less complacent about cumulative mandates, corporate backhanders and the general culture of brown envelopes.

Judging by the last IPSOS poll I saw Sarko was on 18 as opposed too FN on 16%- the big name could belong to the short President.

Borloo pulled out of the race a few weeks ago. Modem/Bayrou - can't see it myself although I'm not against him. Sarko's sleeze just seems to be part of french politics and doesn't seem to shoke too many people (apart from anglosaxon expats :-O) although french politics is slowly being cleaned up! Yes the second round will be the decider, but can't rule out seeing a big name fall in the first again.

and Sarko, the presidential for BNP Paribas, Soc Gen and Credit Agricole, has a set of figures that work? 0% deficit by 2015- hardly likely given his track record so far. All I can see from his economic policy re Euro is to throw tantrums and get the German's to pay for it.

Given he is now so surrounded by sleaze and his aids only protected by the Presidential immunity he looks so compromised that it would almost be Italian to elect him again.

Anyway it's all about the second round and how well the Modem and Borloo do.At the moment the combined PS, EELV and Front du Gauche make over 50%- also given that a sizeable minority of the FN vote will actually vote PS in the second round I think Sarko is on a razor's edge. If Modem/Centre do manage to get say 15% and that vote comes from the centre Left bored with Hollande and worried about the Left of the PS/FdG vote then he may do it- otherwise bye bye Sarko and direct to lots of messy court cases for his advisors.

Yep - this is the bling-bling side of sarko that everyone detests. unfortunately I still think he's the best man for the job at the moment even though I can't stand him :-O I like the PS's ideas but can't see how they'll ever make ends meet and think they'l more likely send France the same way as greece trying to buy their way out of the current situation borrowing heavilly to employ more fonctionnaires etc... their figures don't add up!