Sarkozy's HQ in a zoo?

Today's mid-day news on TF1. Two of Claire Chazal's headlines: Sarkozy opens his new election campaign HQ in Paris and two pandas go on public view in French zoo. Each had its own caption and, you guessed it, they got switched. The pandas were opening Sarkozy's HQ while he was chomping on bamboo in the zoo. Somebody might be out of a job.


yep, somebody's head's going to roll for that one, like the Cameron theory too!

I really wouldn't like to be the person who made that mistake. Maybe it was Cameron's dirty tricks department infiltrating the newsroom so he could get his own back!

Priceless! Thanks Terry that's brightened up my evening no end laughing at that.

I'm not really sure who I'd vote for either and my OH is still very undecided, perhaps she won't bother in the end!

If you want to see it Andrew, when I last looked they hadn't zapped it from their web site Maybe no-one has noticed?? But sure someone at the Elysée will.

For once I'm glad I don't have a vote in this one because I would have great difficulty voting for any of them.

Missed that one Terry, France 3 on Saturdays as I leave to go cycling at 13h00. I reckon the pandas might do a better job than Sarko though...!