Saterlite broad band

Can anyone recomend a company as it looks like our only option

many thanks will have a look at nordnet nothing locally that was my first port of call,i love france but sometimes it is frustrating

I sympathise. We will never, ever get ADSL here and changed from a modem connection nearly 2 years ago to a company called nordnet ( The kit (satellite dish, decoder etc) cost around 300 euro then and they have a variety of tariffs. Downside is that there is a limit to the amount of data you can download per month (size of the quota depends on the tariff you choose) and if you exceed it the speed is progressively reduced.
Our Communauté des Communes now provides a subsidy for people to install satellite (of course it started doing that only after we installed ours), so worth looking into whether your local authority offers this sort of scheme. I’ve also heard a new satellite has gone up this year which will offer even faster speeds (not sure who the operator will be - Orange?) so might be worth waiting for that. If it’s a good enough deal we’ll change.
Happy to provide more info if you like.

I use these folk
and I find its good enough for all my needs, I’m online about 14 hours a day but I don’t download huge files, up to 12 mega for presentations etc but not film sized files.

THANKS more for me to think about

A friend told me SFR are currently offering a better deal than Orange…