Saving a Cerf

Always a pleasure to read and see the Firebrigade in action, with such a good outcome.


:+1: well done

I bet it made their day, too!

It’s thought that the cerf had been down this naturel well for about 3 days… they had to tranquillize it before trying to retrieve it… to keep the animal safe… and them too.

Unlike the police in Bootle ?

?? Would never want an animal to die in pain, but presumably nothing to stop it being killed by the chase next Sunday,!

As far as I am aware, the chasse only kill animals which have been authorised by the Prefecture… their main aim is to ensure the continuation of the species, the best examples in the best natural conditions.

Around this time of year, one can hear and (sometimes) see the stags shouting and showing off… it’s marvellous.

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In case anyone misunderstood… the animal was tranquilized (calmed not knocked-out) to stop it injurying itself during the rescue operations… and/or injuring its rescuers… :hugs:

and it was blindfolded during the “lift” to stop it panicking…

I agree, “le brame du cerf” is impressive around this time of year. Our chasse/environmental police organise evening walks to show people places to hear it. For anyone who hasn’t experienced it, do look out for opportunities!

Each chasse has a quota and buys the bracelets which sets out what and how many they can shoot. Sadly because this cerf has been saved once doesn’t mean it will be protected for rest of the season🙁