Saving money on car insurance

Even most French people are unaware of the fact that there is a proviso on all policies to delare a vehice 'au repos' (resting!) if you arent taking it on the road and it's parked. A €35 fee comes down to €11 so if you go off on holidays leaving the car(s) at home in a garage,you can save a lot.

Depending on how nice your insurance chap/chapesse is - you can even do it for a few days or even on and off like a yoyo which is very useful for people living in snowy conditions who have one car dedicated to that so they can givethe other car it's little rest.

After an accident if the experts say your car is worth peanuts and not worth repairing and they offer to buy the wreck, you can actually haggle - good luck......................

If you have a lean to glass roofed verandah, check what percentage of the total house roof can be glass. We had a smal roof but 3 rather big roof Velux so when a lot of snow melted and slid down ont our Florida curved greenhouse we didn't get a brass farthing (even though I had taken the plans when we got the planning permission AND informed the insurance agent when it came into use)!

If you have personal items insurance just don't get anything oinched from a car because you oin't get a penny back. Also if you have contents insurance for your car, check that it isn't limited to things locked in the boot. This happened to me because I had a tiny Mini and a huge full length sheepskin coat which I left in the car on the seat because it woudn't go in the boot! Had to buy another £300 coat!

Last titbit. We have been with the same company since 1974 and they don't have the slightest qualms about ripping us off. We have 3 old jalopies and quite incidentally I asked if we should reduce to minimum cover, they said we should have done it years ago, deuhhhhh!

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Am off tomorrow to get quotes for car insurance our house insurance is with AGF and seems to be going throught the roof price wise and I gather from this thread that they are known as rip off merchants. Does anyone have any recommendations and does anyone use online companies? Thanks for any advice you can offer


OH was wih AGF as the whole family were and the family farm... no one is with them any more after being ripped off for years and years! as for the girls in the office being underpaid - there's a minimum wage in France and they're probably on it like 25% of the active population. It's not brilliant but that's life in France - much lower pay than the UK but much better qualité de vie aussi ;-) But agree about the disparity between shareholders and those on the smic

AGF which was bought out by ALLIANZ but we have known the girls wh work there througth getting engaged, married; kids, divorced, grandkids!!!!! The didn't do this in any viscious way, they are just underpaid and overworked.PLUSTHEY EXPECT Y0U TO READ THE POLICY WHICH ) OF COURSE° ONE NEVER D0ES TILL AFTER THE EVENT. So we are the idiots and they take the money or rather the shareholders do since the counter clerks earn Peanuts.!

idem - change!

Which company are you with and why haven't you changed?