Saying Goodbye to France & Hello to Who Knows Where!

This might be the last day that I have a little breathing space before we leave, so I am taking a break from packing to say a fond farewell to those of you that I have interacted with over the last few months of membership in Survive France. Your advice and comments have been charming and quite helpful.

We're headed out of France in 10 days.

We've loved our time in France (except for dealing with government bureaucrats and offices!) and we've made some wonderful friends here. We WILL come back on holiday and we are already mulling over the idea of returning here in 20 years when my husband is ready to retire.

Thanks again for our online interaction and best wishes to all of you.

Sounds soon I have something definate will find him for a chat. Stonework gives an extra housepoint. I just uploaded this... ...good luck with your move.

Hiya Deborah, Most of the barges only get a bottom job every 7 years( some never get done at all) or so, there are dry docks run by VNF which are quite cheap. Mooring fees in a Marina for a barge vary but again if you apply to the VNF for a 'stationment' on a canal bank mooring near a town it's around 5 euro a day depending where you are and they will lay on mains electric if you apply for it. There are no habitation or fonciere taxes so as a way of life it's a much cheaper way to live..

I don't envy your job packing you've a heart like a lion.

Good luck.

Hiya Deborah,

I can understand your problem with storage, you could do it OK with a Peniche (barge) but that's a thought for another day as you have your hands full at the moment, should you ever need help in that kind of lifestyle drop me an e mail.

Best of luck and we wish you every success for your future.

What type of builder is Mark? This is further to my last post. Ask Mark to put this in Google.

...portugal farms river waterfall ....should get the first 4 hits for me. We will be moving there in a few months and looking for help so if Mark wants me to contact him then then please let me know.

Bon vent! All the best for your future...SFN IS a great, informative, and friendly site..I'm sure that everybody appreciates your appreciation !

Good luck, Deborah & OH, I will check out your wanderings on your site, especially as we will probably be following your way out of France soon (also financially and personal reasons). Travel safely.

Deborah I owe you an apology. In a recent post I mentioned 2 books, it was not to 'plug' sales or get free advertising. It was meant to show that there are other alternative lifestyles available. I sincerely hope I didn't cause you or any other member any offence.

I wholeheartedly wish you every success for the future. Good Luck

If you get to Central Portugal give us a shout...we have a couple of places where you could park up for a while. Derelict farms rivers waterfalls pic for eg.![](upload://4v7J1LOYOAfFktuyU33U4b3ohgW.jpg)

A wise move - we waited for retirement and it has proved ideal - so keep the dream intact and look forward to retirement days here in France

Good luck to you, but keep us informed of your movements - if Cameron pulls the UK out of the EU we will all probably have to follow!

I wish you good luck Deborah on your new adventure,may everything work out well for you.

Good luck Deborah....and enjoy the adventure...let us know where your hat lands.

Have you ever thought of living on board a boat ? It's the perfect way to move around with all the comforts of home and you escape 99% of the beaurocracy (and taxes) of buying a house. There is another thread on here regarding writers, if you have a Kindle you can download 2 of the books I've written, one 'How To Enjoy Cruising In Retirement' will help you with the pre-planning for your retirement, the second gives an account of 'How To Cruise Between Two Sea's. You can download a free Kindle reader to your Laptop and read the first 30% for free.

Enjoy your travels and the very best of luck in the future.

Bonne chance Deborah...we will be following you in about 4 months time...and like you are not sure where we will end up, keep us all posted !!

Bonne chance et bon vent ;-)