Saying Hello and Introducing myself

Hi there.
Its been a moment since i joined and have yet to introduce myself and say thank you, for all the tidbits and large bits of information ive been able to access on SurviveFrance.
Its been a valuable source for me,while adapting to French life.
So thankyou.
My name is Bernard,a very French name,ive come to learn.Now that ive got the accent down,i only have to repeat the surname!.
Weve moved into the Occitania region,south of Toulouse, and finding it a real marvel.
Oh the mountains!
Ive been working for various Renovation ,Carpentry and Joinery enterprises since arriving over four years ago and having learned the language, im ready to step out on my own .
I hope im not breaking any formalities in my first post by asking ā€˜ye good folkā€™,where is a good place to,advertise to the english speaking community south of Toulouse.
Hoping to hear from someone that has had similar experience.

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Hello Bernard

and welcome to the Forumā€¦ 4 years working for others has obviously got your well settledā€¦ good luck with you new ambitionsā€¦

Have you acquired any qualifications (French or other) and do you have a siret/siren numberā€¦ ???


Hi Stella
Thank you,
Yes,im a qualified Carpenter and Joiner,with a City and Guilds aswell as Certification in Construction studies.Siret number will be arriving soon,i visited the Chambre des Metiers just the other day and my Certs are being sent to Toulouse to be JUDGED!

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Oh, that is good newsā€¦ well done ā€¦ for going this routeā€¦:relaxed::relaxed:

so many try to cut cornersā€¦ :thinking:ā€¦

Seems straight forward enough,and they are quite helpful,in the Chambre Des M.Ive heard from other Artisans that it can be a barrel of paperwork,but they took my certs and sent them of and said ,now,we wait.
Maybe i could be waiting a while,but as its snowing outside at the moment,i can wait a bit :snowman_with_snow:

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I dont know what happened my snowman,maybe he melted.

I think you needed a space after ā€œbitā€ā€¦ can you edit ?? if not, we shall simply chuckle in friendly fashionā€¦

Can i ask you Stella ,where do the english speakers advertise their Trades,since Angloinfo has bellied up,is it just the Facebook that has replaced this site?


Survive France, the place where you are submitting this topic, is a great option, and it has a Facebook page also, which you may already be aware of.

Please consider re-typing your snowman as Stella suggested. Youā€™ve not put it in correctly. If you want, re-type it with the spaces and we might be able to see it, if you like? You can edit your original message, or put it in a new messageā€¦if you like.

Other options for your area, as I understand for the english-speaking community are word-of-mouth. Do good work in your area, and if you are like friends and acquaintances in my area, the word-of-mouth you get as a result can be far-reaching.

Another option is advertising in the local english-language magazines. Thereā€™s one magazine that comes to mind, called Etcetera, for example.

Good luck.

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Have a look to see if there are any local Facebook pages that the English speaking community in your area use. Just this evening I discovered that there are several for buying, selling, finding people to carry out works etc local to me.

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Thanks David,i will take a look.

Hi Mary,thanks for the info.
I agree ,the old word of mouth is the best.It is the tried and tested and the most economical form out ther
However,our modern world of finger zapping technology often demands that our needs be satisfied with an immediacy that only the internet can provide.
I will take a look at your magazine suggestion this morning.

Another ideaā€¦ when you have your Siren/Siretā€¦ put all the info on a Flyer/Cardā€¦ to leave in all the local spots, Mairie, Post Office, Docā€™s/Dentist/, Supermarkets, Estate Agents, Notairesā€¦

I see flyers/cards in all these placesā€¦ and there will be othersā€¦ They generally have a Board specially for folk to advertise onā€¦ the more ā€œprofessionalā€ the flyer/card the betterā€¦ and it need not be expensiveā€¦ print an advert yourself on the computerā€¦(but check sizes first)

good luck

Yes,thats a good idea,i overlooked that.
Thanks for the pointers.

Hi Bernard, welcome to the south, iā€™m not a million miles away near Albi. Why restrict yourself to only english speaking clients ? French artisans around here are hard to find unless you are prepared to wait a few months. Iā€™m now hving a kitchen fitted and finding someone to do it fairly quickly was tricky.

Ha ha Peterā€¦ you have read my mindā€¦

I was about to postā€¦ that I hoped Bernard would be aiming at all nationalitiesā€¦ :hugs:

Hi Peter,
Ive just sent Carl an email.Explaining that Albi is probably a tad far for me,depending on the content of the work.I live near St Bertrand De Comminge,Its between montrejeau and Luchon,a good hour south of Toulouse.
I wont be limiting myself to the English speakers only,having spent the last number of years working for French employers,im hoping to jump between the two.In fact,nearly all the work ive done before has been for French people with the exception of a few Anglophones that have used my old Patrons business because there was an english speaker available.
So im ready for the two sides, Peter.