Yesterday, I received a 'Confirmation of Vehicle Tax' email from DVLA. I 'apparently' paid my vehicle tax on line by credit card £225.00 for 12 months yesterday at about 1pm.

It all seems proper; there are no clickable links in it and it details the vehicle registration number and the last 4 digits of the credit card used to purchase the tax. It suggests I might want to print off the email as confirmation for my records.

There is only one problem... (well, two actually):-

I don't own a UK vehicle with the registration number given (I haven't had a UK registered vehicle in the 7 years I have been here) and nor did I ever use email as a form of communication with DVLA when I did (I always paid the tax at the local village Post Office) and, crucially, I don't own a credit card with the last 4 digits mentioned in the email.

So, what's the scam??? There is no 'call to action' in the email and the address from which it is sent is a 'donotreply.evl@' one.

I've seen some email scams in my time but this one has me foxed...

Yes, I do that as a matter of course Robert but in this case, there is no 'call to action' in the form of a clickable link and the email address from which it emanated is genuine - indeed, it even states not to reply to the email...


This is a Phishing e-mail. if you respond in any way it tells them your email is a live, they will then bombard you with different kinds of phishing emails in order to tempt you into a response and gain further information.

They are very devious.

I always set up an automatic email rule whenever I receive one of these to move anything from that address to the trash bin. I never open them or click on any links within them.


Did that Doreen. Seems all to be a mucking fuddle in typical UK Govt style. Start getting spoof emails for the new Dartford Bridge toll soon perhaps lol

The DVLA scam emails usually are asking for your driving licence details, which then connect to your address and give someone more information for identity fraud. But this one sounds genuine ... perhaps someone did renew their tax online but incorrectly entered their email address, hence it's coming to you?