Scared of a bean & a good reason to scream

So this has been a funny week so far, it's the first time in months I've slept for 3 nights in a row without having pelvic pain or practice contractions and even with the frequent pee alerts as is common at this stage of pregnancy I've been a happy bunny having hours after hours of sleep.

So happy in fact that I was able to laugh at the following occurances:

Saturday 4am, my 2 year old let out an ear piercing scream in the middle of the night, hubby jumped out of bed and sprinted to her room (he's well trained!), he brought her back to our bed where she told me she screamed at a bean. I tried to keep a serious face, it was difficult. This is her first nightmare and it appeared to be about a bean. I tried my best to comfort her, all the while giggling about her dream about a bean. She snuggled up next to me and went off to sleep. Hubby and I on the other hand having been pumped up with adrenalin hearing our first born scream eerily could not get back to sleep. At least it was Saturday.

When she woke she immediately told me there had been a bee on her nose and that's what she screamed at. Oh a bee, well at least she hasn't developed a food phobia about beans (mind you could be a good thing given Catharine's post about the scarcity of beans in France). I thought at the least it would have been a scary monster or a witch or something but no it was a bee.

Sunday morning 5.30am 1 year old awakes crying loudly (very unusual for her as she normally always chatters happily to her toys and her sister until 6.30). Teething troubles, sure enough later that day out pops tooth no 8.

Monday morning 5.00am hubby wakes up for work worrying about how much he has to do this week & cannot sleep. Hubby gets off to work and I begin tidying up the apartment which always seems a tip after the weekend. 1 year old gets hold of packet of toothbrush heads when the unexpected happens. I kindly explain the packaging is a bit sharp and so it's not for her & retrieve it from her hands at which point she launches into a full on toddler tantrem. The first I have ever witnessed as Jasmine my eldest has not really had one. This was arms flailing, wailing, kicking to the point she scratched my chest. She's 13m old - I thought this wasn't supposed to start until 18m-2? She was 'the' perfect baby having been so well behaved I couldn't believe my luck....

Anyway I didn't get cross I laughed inside, I thought it was in fact hilarious and I couldn't as much as I tried keep a straight face. In fact I had to put her in her cot and said I'd wait till she calmed down. As my 2 year old watched completely bemused by what her little sister was doing, I tried really hard not to smile and desperately tried to explain that she was being naughty.

After 1 minute she stopped, picked up her bunny and gave me a huge grin. Cheeky monkey.

Looks like she is going to have a fiery temper, but afterall she is a scorpio like me so what did I expect!

Last night I also had a good nights sleep although 1 year old woke at 5.30 again crying over her teeth, best get this out of the way now before No 3 arrives early January. I think I'm in for some fun times ahead...