Scary Hit and Run Incident

I presume you know the ‘someone’ you felt confident to lend your car too and have had a stern word in their ear!


Better than in our household, where ‘someone’ collects speeding fine/points in car in my name, which is then put on my licence.

Better to ‘bank’ it for future use, OTOH that would probably be a highly undesirable nuclear option…

So, instead prefer to take the middle route - all’s well that ends well. However, it has been suggested that one of our two named drivers in future avoids attempts at parallel parking…

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Promise not to tell - but you’re edgier than us , my F-I-L was a lawyer.

All the above stress didn’t spoil our little break, but it was so scary and worrying that we forgot how good the preceding week had been. Consequently I’ve been trying to recreate all that through cooking that evoqued the week - food and memory are so intertwined (used that as the basis of my mother’s funereal eulogy). So last night we had swordfish with persillade and tonight it was tuna steaks with a green couscous.

However, still need to have some mussels and scallops, but can’t replicate the perfect frites, nor the ambiance - love dining on the side of Med harbours



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Don’t you have to have agreed to let them do that first?

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It is conceivable that someone has cloned the number plates on your vehicle - an all too common occurrence these days sadly.
It is worth putting something on the front and back of the car which makes it distinctive. We have factory fitted reflective strips on our bumpers plus a vendor’s logo on the bodywork. A sticker on the top corner of the front and rear windows could also do this. Take a digital photograph with the time and date imprinted on it when they are fitted and then if CCTV is taken of the ‘cloned’ car, it will lack your customisations.
I hope all goes well with the gendarmes.


We are still fighting a cloning problem . Accused of parking offence in city we have never been to …
It has and is a very long and stressful process that is still not resolved and the fine just keeps on increasing .

Certainly could be useful if a photo is presented as evidence of the infraction - but all too often it’s just an ANPR “hit”.

this sounds awful…
If you’ve made a legal claim/complaint (whatever) surely the fine can be “frozen” while the case is examined ??? or am I too hopeful :wink: