Scary Travel Moments

(Stuart Wilson) #1

I’ve just added the Hamburg song to Listen in, speaking of which…

I can remember being on a flight from Paris to Glasgow and we aborted landing three times before diverting to Edinburgh, but nowhere near as scary as this.

Anyone else had any scary travel moments?

(Suzanne Fitzgerald) #2

mmm that’s comforting isn’t it. We used to fly from Toulouse to London and it was always full of Airbus people, not sure that it makes you feel better about it, but worse as they discuss things that aren’t right!

(Stuart Wilson) #3

That must have been scary. It’s true what you say about the loose objects. As soon as some people sit down these days the laptop is out.

I had another scary one more recently, flying from Paris back down to Toulouse. As you can imagine there are quite a number of Airbus employees on these flights. When we took off, the plane almost stopped in mid air when we were climbing steeply, it was so sudden that the impression was that we were falling backwards. I overheard two people from Airbus saying that the pilot had taken the plane to it’s absolute stall limit,; very reassuring.


(Suzanne Fitzgerald) #4

We were about to take off from Montpellier once but hit a flock of birds in the left engine whilst speeding down the runway. It was like slow motion - we were sat looking out of the window & saw it happen then suddenly the pilot slammed on the anchors & we came to a rapid holt.

My shoes flew down the plane & my book took off & landed 5 seats or so in front. Scary!

I’m always careful now though about not having loose objects when taking off or landing & I hate it when people put their seats back even though they shouldn’t…that’s my head space you’re stealing.

Having flown a lot in recent years I don’t get scared about flying but I’m also not afraid of telling someone if they are doing something that will compromise my safety. Once you’ve had an incident like that…you don’t forget it!


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(Catharine Higginson) #5

That IS scary.