School Holidays - What r ur kids up to?

So the school holidays are upon us in the Midi and lots of kids are now running around enjoying themselves. I wondered if people wanted to share ideas of what they are planning on doing to entertain their little adventurers during the lengthy 2 months off!

We've had our vacances this year (just come back from Cyprus - trop chaud!) and given the heavy traffic down here in the summer, we intend to stay home & hibernate almost for the next 2 months well I'll take lots of siestas anyway! We also intend to enjoy the live music events at our local cafe & get out the paddling pool out.

Over to you....


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My 3 and 6 year old are spending 2 days a week at the nearby Centre de Loisirs - mainly just because they have only been learning French since November and are doing so well I dont want them to forget anything during the long summer holidays - especially as 6 year old starts CP in September.

Apart from that In laws over for whole of July so that hubby and I can launch our little business and also so that we can go to Paris for 5 days for our wedding anniversary!

We have had our holiday down to the Languedoc so rest of summer will be spent running around very ‘Swallows and Amazon’ style and swimming in paddling pool and local lake.

My poor 1 year old is stuck with us as usual and I think he is bored… yesterday he put his brothers rucksack on his back and walked off down the drive waving and saying goodbye!

mine too are in the “club” along the road which uses their school building for July, and we have a couple of weekend trips to waterparks, themeparks booked. Intrestingly enough my eldest (6) who would happily never eat at the cantine during school time has demanded to eat with his copains and copines during club time. And they have both decied that they would prefer to go all day and not spend the afternoon home with me> Ho Hum think we are growing up lol. In ausugt we are off camping at Aracachon and back intime for the biggest brocante ever in our village for the 15th August and then the boys go off to my mothers in scotland for a few days. Just b ack and their other grandparents arrive to see them for a week and then after a hectic couple of months its back to school for a rest … Vive les vacances

I love the long holidays but then mine are older which makes a big difference.

Basically not very much - beach, sleepovers, off to stay with my parents for a couple of weeks, trips to local swimming pool and that’s about it!

Ours are in the local Centre de Loisirs for July, closely followed by a visit to Nannan and Grandad in the UK for August - it’s an absolute nightmare these long summer holidays. They need to get the school timetable sorted out, shorter days, school on Wednesdays and shorter holidays!