Schools in Bergerac

Hello All! I’m new to the site and keen to get some info on Bergerac - My wife and I are planning to move in about a year with our two Daughters ages 4+6 from South Africa. Schooling is super important to me - I hear lots of stories about some French schools being very outdated.

In South Africa they attend a amazing school where the Montessori way is taught then in the Primary and High School, the Cambridge curriculum is introduced which offers IGCSE’s, AS, A and A2 levels, with an international matriculation so that learners can study anywhere in the world. -

I would love to hear some thoughts and experiences of anyone out there - And also how you have found living in or close to Bergerac.

Thanks Dave

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Hello Dave and welcome to the Forum.

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There is nothing of the sort in Bergerac, we do, however, have our own internationally accepted and fairly well-regarded exam system.

You may find that if you are going to live in France you might be better off sending your children to a normal French school like the vast majority of people.

I am assuming that as you are from RSA your children are already fluent in at least two languages so I don’t think French will be a problem. What is your French like? Will you be able to speak constructively with their teachers? And then help them with their prep?

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Dank je Vero! So at the moment we speak basic French, English and Afrikaanse / Dutch - My Family is Dutch so I speak and understand a fair bit.

I found one school online that seems quite lovely Ecole Fénelon Guy. I understand that the schools will be different - I’m just hoping to find a school that also supports arts and creative thinking.


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Fénelon is good, they have children from all over the place and are slightly more open-minded - my children went there - but it isn’t Montessori-style, not by a long chalk. If you are already in the catholic system then after Fénelon you have St Front (Institution Sainte-Marthe Saint-Front). The system is in a bit of a state of flux at the moment, reforms right left and centre, who knows what the situation will be by the time your children go on to collège at 10 or 11.

Hi Dave, Good luck with your move. Interesting that you are moving from RSA. I get the impression a lot of SA’s are moving to France; good move given the way things are over there. Enjoy.

Hello Fiona, It’s a sad situation indeed. We love Cape Town, but there is just no future for our kids here. Soooo many of our friends are moving out. France all the way! Thanks