Scooter License

Help please! We are thinking about getting a scooter but neither of us have ever owned a motor bike of any sort and we're thinking of getting a three-wheeler.

1. Would anyone warn against three-wheelers?

2. They seem to have engines of 4-500cc. Can anyone advise me on/point me towards the driving license requirements for these?

Many thanks.


Seems simple to me Alan. Just buy an electric bike. Most now have a 20k range or more so well within croissant range.

Thanks Tobias; helpful guidance. The idea is mainly to pop into the village for croissants et pain when we move to our new house.

A gift to transplant surgeons the world over Simon. What do you call the guy not wearing a helmet? The donor.


For a three wheel scooter above 125cc, you need to follow the 7 hours training course (if you have a car licence), then you can get à 40hp 500 cc for example which will do 100 mph!!

These bikes are wobbly in long bends at speed and are more suited to town than spinning around on open roads.

Very easy to ride, therefore it's easy to overestimate one's own abilities.

Great fun, just be careful and enjoy!

Perfect, thank you Simon.

a three wheel trike is classed as a motor car and can be driven by any one with a license, it can carry up to four passengers and have any size engine you like, plus you do not have to wear a helmet.

Thanks both. David, your link looks particularly helpful and is supported by something I saw on a UK review of the Yamaha three-wheeler which was suggesting that the wheels were too close together for a car license: "Unlike some other three-wheeled scooters, it can’t be ridden on a car licence because it’s front wheels are too close together (which helps keeps it narrow)."

Thanks again.


Quite a lot of info here Alan

Looks like you would be able to drive a useful size of three wheeler scooter on your ordinary car licence (permis B). Probably easier to ride for someone who has never ridden a scooter and the geometry two wheels front and one wheel back avoids the problems of stability for which the Robin Reliant was notorious.

for the very basic scooters (can't remember precise engine size) you don't need any form of license (unless you are a youngster in which case you to a road safety course) I got a standard scooter some years back and literally paid for it at the garage, did a circuit in the car park before driving it 20km home . tbh they are pretty easy to handle .

Sorry not had experience of 3 wheelers