Scrapping a UK reg car

Your local caserne de pompier (fire station) may be delighted to take it off your hands for training purposes…

I have never heard of a 250 euro charge! In fact, if the vehicle is “complete” (not missing its vital organs) a VHU centre is obliged to take it with no cost to you although if they collect there could be a towing fee.
The ones that I know will either take it for no charge or pay you its scrap value by weight.
Details of the regulations & where to find a licenced VHU centre near you can be found here -

Many thanks Mark!

Hi Graham,
So sorry to hear about your situation and I hope it is not restricting you too badly. Life can be a bugger!
Thanks for the scrapage advice but would they be able to give me the scrapage certificate for the DVLA?
Whereabouts in France are you?
Best wishes
Martin Walker in Frejus

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Getting by thanks Christopher. Frejus is a lovely place. Had ideas about visiting there a few years back but events took their toll :cry:
I’m totally out of date with the mechanisms for telling the UK the car is scrapped in another country, so can’t help with that I’m afraid but @Mark_Rimmer is your man!
As for insurance premiums, why not chat to @fabien the in house SF insurance expert? I guess your biggest difficulty is exporting it paper wise to France but another modest old car insured in France shouldn’t cost the earth…

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Thanks for further advice. Martin

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