Scrapping of Tax d'Habitation for 80% of Homes

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Simon, my computer is very slow this morning and I was losing the will to live waiting for it.
Is this is, as it says, only for people living in large towns, because that it manifestly unfair.

No, as I understand it whether you continue to pay or not depends purely on income/wealth. The reference to big towns is simply that the figure of 1097€ that it quotes as being saved, is based on what people in big towns currently pay on average. Obviously if you live in a small village and your bill is currently 500€ or so, you’re not going to save 1097€…

I’m interested to learn whether we’re going to be amongst the lucky goats (80%) who won’t be sheared or the blighted sheep (20%) who will soon be shorn and shivering and bleating plaintively over their misfortune.

We live in a small town of 2,500 inhabitants and out taxe d’habitation is in the region of 1.000 euro. How is the leve of taxatiol fixed? I thought the size and location of the house determined the level of the taxe fonciere?

Anyone know where the axe will fall or the shears will be applied?

According to the article the threshold is 20k per part. So if you are a couple, you will be exempted if your RFR (total taxable household income) is below 40 000€ pa.

Yes but this is about taxe d’habitation not taxe foncière, and taxe d’habitation has always been income-related to a certain extent for tax residents, in that households on a low income automatically get reductions. But at present you have to be on a very low income to be totally exempt. There also used to be a total exemption after you hit 60 if your income was below a certain level. So this isn’t a completely new idea, it’s just extending the exemptions to many more people.


Interesting interactive site… where the money is going to come from … I have no idea…my Commune will be losing most of its income…