Sdm3 again!

As you may remember I’m already furious with the whole SDM3 rubbish situation. Our weekly pick up used to cost €125/year. We now have the awful drop off system which means bags sitting getting smelly (only 40 openings per year), the whole thing is a debacle :rage: which we pay €340/year for.

It has now got worse. I have a micro enterprise to do teaching at the chamber of commerce with. I have received a €165 Bill for the FIRST trimester. So 3 of those plus the house bill comes out at over €800 / year. I do not produce ANY rubbish of any kind, I don’t even have the card to open the bin :rage: . Has anyone else had this???

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That is truly appalling.
Is there anything you can do about it?

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It is SMD3, and many in the Dordogne are not very happy.
Having registered yourself as a business then you were bound to get a bill from them. A number of folk are in the same boat as you in this regard.
Have you asked them for a card to open the bins?
There is a local French group fighting against them, this is their website:

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Apparently not if I’m not a huge business dealing with my own rubbish, with bills!!!

Thanks @crabtree24 , I’ll have to check on there again.

I’m so despondent, I can’t pay it, I’ve done NO work since December as I’ve been full time at the lycée. I can’t see any option other than closing my business :rage:

Just reading the headline of your thread, had me thinking dark thoughts and almost swearing out loud ! … which shows the strength of my feelings about SMD3… :frowning:


I’m so sorry to hear that toryroo.
We have to pay for rubbish collection in our village, even though we have to put all of our bags, cardboard, plastic and bottles into roadside bins.

Our dechet will be charging everyone for green waste from 1st Jan 2024.