Second hand books for teaching English

I'm looking for second hand book shops with English teaching books and CDs to buy and exchange I teach english to kids and I would like to find a shop that sells on line for France. I live near Marseille but the bookshops I have found don't sell anything for teaching. Any teachers out there? Where do you get your books?

Most ordinary bookshops have textbooks as well since pupils have to buy their own books in lycée and can in collège if they want to - they are easy to order. There are many many different titles on offer at all levels. I'd be careful though because many of these companies clearly don't employ proofreaders!

Depending on what age your pupils are, there are lots of resources on the Académie sites for each region and there's the national (Ministry of education) site for resources as well - there are audio/video documents free to download on a whole load of topics.

I think most children now are used to putting things on a memory stick for listening/viewing, language text books come with a pupil CD in them and a downloadable online version as well - I haven't seen or used a tape in school for years!

Whatever the age of your pupils, have a look at the 'programme' for the academic cycle in which they are, there are links to resources aimed specifically at them.

Yes I know there are lots of things on line, I sometimes download things too but I would prefer to have books where I can photocopy and tapes for students to listen to

Oh I have never been there, I will check it out, thanks for answering my comment.

Really that would be wonderful. I could meet you somewhere perhaps. I work in Ensues le Redonne and in the village of Le Rove I have a little no license car and I only drive to the villages, I am not a very confident driver so I don't drive far. Maybe you could suggest a meeting place or I could come to Ciotat with my husband when he's free. Tell me what works best for you and thank you so much, you're very kind

I used to order from (if memory serves me right) The English Language Bookshop in Brighton not sure if they are still going. otherwise I used a lot of online sites for worksheets etc such as Enchanted Learning

You can find second hand books at Gibert book shop, rue Dugommier in Marseille. It's a 3 minute walk from the railway station. Otherwise Amazon sends second hand books too.

Hi Tracey, I have got some books I can give you ! I am just down the road in La Ciotat. Nice and sunny here today. Sending sunny regards to all SFN members.