Second try - advice on accepting visa

(geoff faulkner) #1

I did not see my post go live last time so i ask again

does anyone have any helpful hints on the best (cheapest) way to go about eccepting credit cards. We run a small b&b and it would be useful for us in order to take deposits etc.



(Marie-Claire Gauthier) #2

You need to ask your bank and negotiate a price with them.

(James Higginson) #3

Yes, it's not very user friendly. There are other similar services, Sage pay is one I think.

(geoff faulkner) #4

yes I have tried that James - but it is a bit of a phaff and not easy to explain to people who are not used to paypal - and of course there is a charge too;

But thanks for your reply


(James Higginson) #5

You can use PayPal to process CC payments Geoff