Secret Curry Club looking for venues in the Dordogne

Hello everybody. We are just about to launch the DORDOGNE’S SECRET CURRY CLUB. Indian Restaurant style curries, just the way they make them back in the UK. Chicken Tikka Masala, Jalferezi, Butter Chicken, Bhajies, Popps, all cooked the way they are in the UK. We are planning to organise at least one ‘Curry Night’ before the end of the year (when we’re all fed up of turkey and roast dinners). I’m looking for venues preferably in and around Eymet, Thiviers or anywhere really where there is a large British contingent. If you know of any venues in your area, club houses, halls, etc as long as they have a kitchen, I would very much appreciate it if you could let me know. Thank you.

Can I ask who will be chef and how many he/she will entertain.
Would like to learn more please.

Hi. Yes its me. I’m the chef. Do you know of any venues ?

We had an oriental /Asian evening for Halloween at a friends place and we
just made it so casual [which I never do!} and everyone came up to the serving area
and got from me exactly what they wanted on a plate…just like a school canteen.
Rice, noodles meat dishes, etc.
Went down really well.
To have staff involved…doubt if that is possible.
After you pay tax and buy the food and do all the dishes…how can you break even…
The only way it can work is if you can feed many and do it simply,…but with good food.1