Secrets of the Michelin star

Most of you will not understand the chef's desire for the Micheline star.

There is a feverish virus which lies low in every good chef; the determination

to woo the public, delight and tantalise the media and ultimate is the Micheline

star...One...2 and then 3.

Never ever is this accolade related and limited to talent alone as the Michelin

need the backdrop and the onterage to complete their pictures.

I have seen what this desire has done to chefs, destroyed their lives, health, marriages

and on occassion has led to suicide.

I have ...we have...with Jonathon my partner cooked for, with and passed on

some of our knowledge to some of the most talked about chefs in UK....

Shared some of their secrets and passed through some segments of their lives.

Whilst expereincing all this as a chef and restauranter I have become engaged in

an tango of emotions and insites.

Does everything stop because I have made an excit from London or is this

a new chapter?