Secure Web Browser

Just read this link about bitbox

Doe’s anyone have more info or comments?


Thanks for the info Phil - interesting reading.
As we’re about a 90% Linux household now, we’ll probably give it a miss.


It’s quite a cumbersome solution, basically virtualising a stripped down operating system and running the sandboxed browser on top of it. At 900MB it’s a sizeable download, and it’s not clear how the system is kept updated and patched; every system has vulnerabilities.

If users are going to go to the trouble of downloading 900MB of Debian and Firefox and running it inside a Virtual Machine, it’s only a small step to just move to Linux!

Due to the demand for more secure Internet browsing we joined the Webroot reseller program as our customers need to use their existing browsers but would like cleaner more secure access. The Webroot system proxies all your traffic, screening it for malware, spyware and viruses. There is a software based version available I think for individual users may be worth a look and is most likely better than 900 megs of unknown configuration of Debian OS.

Anti Virus is unpopular on Macs and there aren’t many solutions avail;able, I use Webroot at home for exactly that reason. Chances are 95% of the bad stuff moving in and out of our home and business networks is of web-based origin.