Security Cameras

Any tips for outside security cameras, not diy.

Yes. Don’t point them at the public domain… or your neighbours’…


Guessed that, just for our property, was looking for tips on installation companies and any plus or minuses.

might be something here it runs from 2018 to 2022

Blink from Amazon, inexpensive, no wiring and well made. As a nitpicking techie I can’t fault them.


My DIY skills are sadly lacking. I have good intentions but the implementation lets me down. However, even I managed to install the Uefy 2C wireless cameras. I’ve been really pleased with them so far.

There’s plenty of YouTube videos talking about them. This guy did a good review here:

Plus a follow-up after a year here:

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Just thought I’d mention the Eufy 2C kit is currently reduced at Amazon as part of their Prime Sale - €80 off, down to €160. I’m still very happy with my purchase.

I only have mains-powered security cameras wired as I am sometimes away for an extended period. With battery camera you need to be able to access them so it may not be possible to place them out of reach.

I do not rely on cameras only having video storage to a memory card so have systems that record to a hard disk (although I realise that is going to fail sometime). I need to be sure I am able to access recordings wherever I am - usually through a phone app or PC.

The systems are powered through UPS in case of power failure.

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Yeah we’re not away from the house for massive periods of time - maybe 2 weeks max at a time - so the 180 day battery on the Eufy is OK for us, but appreciate that your mileage may vary… especially for those who don’t live here permanently.

I’m with you on not relying on the memory card for storage. In my case, I have a NAS where the videos get saved, and an automated job that runs periodically to see whether there are new files in the folder and to upload them to the cloud (I use BackBlaze) for offsite storage. I’m a big believer in the 3-2-1 theory for backups… 3 copies, stored in 2 locations, 1 of which is off-site.

I usually go to my house in the UK every three months or so. But Covid meant I couldn’t get there for over 18 months. It is unforeseen circumstances that need to be considered.

My mains-powered CCTV system continued to operate. Here in France I use a NAS and will replace the UK system soon as the hard disk is getting rather old. But it will still be mains-powered cameras as I wouldn’t want to mount cameras high up if they needing battery replacement (an age problem).

My battery-powered internal intruder alarm detectors there all stopped at various times as battery usage for each was different. I do have some cheap mains-powered webcams (e.g. Neos) covering important areas so wasn’t completely without protection. I did have someone who could visit occasionally but it still meant the full system wasn’t functioning all of the time.