Security Deposit Stolen

Hi everyone, I am hoping to get so guidance on this topic. I lived in France for about a year, and I rented It through an agency who directed me to a landlord. Said landlord was a drug addict who stole money from the owner, including my security deposit. He was fired in October, and I moved out in April; she knew for all of this time, but never told me my deposit was stolen, so I paid all of my rent. Now that I’m looking for my security deposit back, she is telling me she can’t pay it because he stole the money from her, and it is not her fault. I have it in writing that my landlord says that I am owed that money, but the owner is not paying me.

My question is, does France have a type of small claims court? How do I go about getting this money back utilizing the French legal system? Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks guys!

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Hello Morg… and welcome to the Forum.

The scenario you outline sounds more like something from a TV Soap… :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth: :pensive::pensive:

Perhaps you should have a word with the Gendarmes if theft/drug-taking is involved.

Anyway, here is the link to the European Small Claims Court:

If you follow the guidelines … all should be well. :relaxed:

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