Security in airports in France

Can you contact Airport security in different airports in France - I have looked at cannot find a way to do so as I have a question regarding goods contained in hand luggage.

Your best option is to contact your airline with your question.

Our daughter flew from Munich to Lyon a couple of weeks ago and it took her fifteen minutes to get through immigration.
The channel for biometric passports was closed and she said that French people wanting to use that facility were not pleased to say the least!

Fifteen minutes? Is that good or bad?

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Well the French obviously thought so and it does seem excessive for EU nationals.

Thought it was good or thought it was bad? I really don’t know.

Do you mean she was in the queue for 15 mins or it took her personally 15 mins to have her passport checked by immigration?

Think Jane means it took that time in the queue to get through immigration. Last time I flew into Stansted it took me nearly an hour, and that was with the biometric channels open.

But most of the terrorists lately have been EU nationals so they need checking as thoroughly as anyone else.

She was queuing for fifteen minutes.

Fifteen minutes, I can see why she was impressed by the speed and efficiency at Lyon. That is quick!

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Couldn’t complain about that!

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Not for Lyon.

On the British Airways website there is a bit about dangerous goods and what can and can’t be carried.

Fifteen minutes in the immigration queue is nothing. I fly often enough, and waiting is all part of the game. yes, granted, a letter of complaint to the airport authority about why only one immigration agent be available for a flight over a certain number of persons may be in order, but to be fair, all the airports are doing it, and it usually also takes fifteen minutes to chck in if not already done, fifteeen minutes to clear security, and fifteen minutes from the time boarding is opened to the time the last passengers take their seats. then another ten before pushback.