Seeing other Google shared Calendars on iPad

I know that there are a number of people with iPads on here - I'm hoping that someone may be able to give a little guidance to an iPad newbie!

I and my OH have Google accounts for email. I have a Google calendar (but never really used it yet). I have shared it with my OH and he wants to see it on his iPad but cannot (yet) work out how to see Other's shared Google Calendars - he can only see his own calendar. If he logs into his Google account through a browser he can see my shared calendar as well as his own, but how does he do this on his iPad?

We managed it in the end. He had to share his Google calendar with me and now we can both see it...

Vanessa, the instructions on the following link worked perfectly for me:

In particular, the "Syncing Multiple Calendars" section at the end.

Hi Vanessa,

A way that works for my wife and I is to use just one common Google Calendar as the master - it seemed logical to have just one central source in "The Cloud". This calendar is on my Google account. My (Mac) desktop can see this calendar either in a browser or on the local calendar (iCal). My wife's iPad is set up to synchronise with the calendar on _my_ Google account, even though she also has her own Google account.

Events entered on either my local iCal, the iPad or the Google Calendar all appear on the others. If I wish I can enter local events on my desktop iCal which remain local.

This may not be what you want, but it works for us.