Seeking cheap older phone

Has anyone got a spare old style phone that fits the larger old sim cards?
I think it’s called a mini sim.
Don’t tell me they’re antique and worth 100s!

I heard you can get the bigger sims cut down but I’m not sure about that. I urgently need my English sim in use again but I have the wrong phone for big sims.

All mine are the bigger sims! I’ve had my sim cards for donkeys years so I imagine they must be the same as yours. Having said that, the new ones I gor from Orange were like that too but you could takeout the centre bit to stick in a phone that only took tiddly ones. I’ll look at the sort of phone I’ve got and see if I can post suggestions

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Is this the sort of thing you were thinking of?

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There are 4 SIM sizes, though I suspect you can ignore the credit card sized ones (not even I have ever seen one of those in anger).

Standard (or mini), micro and nano (the current standard).

You should be able to get your phone company to simply send you a new SIM which they will do free of charge, though possibly only to a UK address.

Thanks. The problem then is getting it forwarded and I need the sim ASAP and am going away soon. Yes it’s a mini sim, which sounds so incorrect. My mini sim phone broke, I’m having trouble with amazon, and so I’m stumped.

That’s pretty much it, just needs to function for texts.
However, if I Could find one cheaper - they used to be about 10 or 15 pounds in the UK.

I have an old LG phone which hasn’t been used for ages - don’t know if the batter even works (I’ll try to find the charger unless you already have one)

EDIT: found an LG travel charger for it so plugging it in to see if works… It seems to be charging.


Ooh, a piece of history! Thanks Graham. Tell me you’re not selling it as an antique, no?

the only problem is the battery :wink:

might not fit in your handbag :grin:

Got a couple of other old Nokia Orange ones too… and an old T mobile which must be nearing 15 years old which we used in UK before we moved here.

Bloody Nora… even found the original manual for it - an LG KG275 so the who thing is basically complete apart from the orignal packaging!


I don’t have handbag :roll_eyes::joy::handbag:
awesome how much?

have you checked if there are any pawn shops / cash converter shops in your nearest town?
I have usually found quite good deals on ‘pre loved’ phones - specially older models.
Might be worth calling?

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I did check the sole second hand place, nothing, can’t get there this week as we are literally blocked in by roadworks.

If you are in UK any shop of your network will issue your SIM in a smaller size on the spot. £0-£5. These days they want ID and probably for you to tell them the address on the account. It’s something they do all the time.

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Annajayne is in deepest darkest north France or thereabouts…

cost of the postage? You need to DM me with your new address so I can get it off to you soonest (and you can bung me a cheque later given the urgency).


Credit card sized ones … I had a Motorola StarTAC in the 90’s (I worked for BT at the time). It was great except it would often eject the credit card sized sim card half way through a call :slight_smile: usually when i was on call for BT !


I have a few ….I don’t know why we kept them ? But if you pm your address I can send you one


Hi Gilly,

Thank you so much. Graham got there first and a phone is speeding my way. Thanks again.


@UKfloatedaway so pleased you are sorted and @graham I alays said you were nice under your occasionally grumpy old man moments :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: - this has given you a good few get out of jail cards free for proving that you are not and you are actually a big poppet as suspected :rofl: :rofl: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :rofl: :rofl:!


Hmmmmm… :thinking::rofl: