Seeking covers band

Hi all.

I have a significant birthday coming up next February, when I shall become officially 'chronologically enhanced'. As part of the celebrations, I want to hire a covers band to play at my party, preferably British as I'm not a fan of French music or, generally, French groups' attempts to play UK/USA rock music. Does anyone know of such a group, within realistic travelling distance of Ales (30100) in the Gard?



Hi Glyn,

I have a band in the UK the Shudbeband ( but that's impractical ) .. we'd have done it for the crack ( do you do crack? lol ) I have just started rehearsing with a French guy ( Stones, Kinks, 60s etc. ) and we have all the gear for full band sound.

There's a great band I know ( Google: Willlie Austen ) who are superb, I think they go out for about 500e plus exes, when they are down near Clermont Herault, but I know that's too early in the year for them, and you are a bit too far out (man! )

There is a great French but superb blues and R&B Band I know... ( could contact them if you wish? ) but sadly we are all just that too far away. ( not very rock 'n roll I guess )

Hope you sort something.. and have a great time.


Hi Ron, I don't have a budget per se. My mate's band was going to come over but their charge at £3,500 can't be justified (even though I know how good they are). At the other end of the scale, I can hire a French singer/guitarist who I've heard and know to be good for about 250€, but I'd prefer a band really.

Hi Glyn, 157.6 km is a bit of a schlep from Cap d'Agde. But out of interest what is your budget? Ron Birks